View Full Version : My Enlistment stuff is going great, but I've got a few questions

09-18-2008, 09:16
I'm taking a Robotics, Electronics, and Computers class (college level/all college stuff regarding electronics, from circuits, to fuses, to actually creating/designing actual robots etc...)

At end of this semester, my EL, GT, and AS will definitely be up there, as well as AFQT (I'm also taking a few college math courses...)

My last PASVAB put me at 61, with line scores almost at 115

My question is, how would going into EOD, or 25series effect going into SF (possibly) in the future?

Particularily 19th SFG, or atleast going into support?

I've searched these threads, and know that your MOS doesn't really play any role in selection, nor type of CMF 18 you get...

But what about support?

I've read about some of you QPs working with EODs, and other things like that, could any of you put in some input?

I greatly appreciate it. Thank you for everything you QPs have done (and the support guys)

Thank you.