View Full Version : seach for old friends

09-17-2008, 21:21
guys served with 5th sfg in ft. Bragg, trying to find Cpt Pete A, team member in 5th, I was in the aviation det, Pete lived by me in officers qtrs, that was 1984 till 1987, thanks

09-18-2008, 04:13
Hey Chief;

You might have better luck signing up at AKO and then do a search for him in the white pages. We don't like full last names posted of the "younger" guys:D so somebody would have to really know him "and you" before giving out any info, and that in a PM.

And speaking of being in the 5th Gp Aviation Det in the mid 80s somebody here just might know you. Keep your eye on the forums and your PM box. Never know what might pop up.


09-18-2008, 05:18

A couple of questions first. Was his wife also an active duty MI CPT? Was he in 3d BN? PM me if this seems to be the same one.