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05-29-2004, 12:45
I guess I qualify for a "knucledragger" on this on because I cant figure out how to include a photo within my post.

Anyone care to throw me a bone?


05-29-2004, 12:52
When you get to the window where you create a post, underneath the text window is a small box that has a button next to it that says Browse. Click this button to navigate to the place on your PC where you have the pic you want to attach. Once you have the file name inthe window click Submit. You can't see the image if you use the Preview Post option.

Hope this helps.

Ambush Master
05-29-2004, 13:03
Also, be aware of the Max Size and Acceptable File Extensions !!

Maximum size: 1048576 bytes
Valid file extensions: gif jpg png txt zip bmp jpeg

05-29-2004, 13:13
Just what I have found to be true on THIS site verses all the other similar boards......

YOu can not put an image into your post as we are all used to doing. You can ONLY attach a picture file at the end. This limits you to one pic per post.

I have tried VERY small photos of all different type (jpeg,gif, etc) with no success.

For us to "link" to other photos without attaching them, the Team Sergeant or DAN will have to turn on the [Img] code function. Look at the bottom left of this screen. In those forum rules, you will see that the [img] code is off, so you can't include them in the post.

The size limit is really for the "attachment" function which is when you use the browse button...not the "image"[img] function. THe [IMG] function is actually a link that uses someone elses bandwidth(like a link) verses having to upload your photo onto AProf like we all have to do currently.

If photo is on your computer hardrive, you must "attach" it to this site by uploading it onto Aprof.
If the photo is on the WWW somewhere, then normally you would be able to use the [img] function and have it show up within your post.

That is how I understand it, I am sure some computer guru's can clarify.

Hope that helps.

05-29-2004, 13:33
got it thanks.........


05-29-2004, 16:34
That's correct, Saca.