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09-05-2008, 07:05
I'm currently AGR and was wondering how AGR is assessed for NGSF units? Are vacancies posted on the state HRO like they are for other units, or is there an internal selection process?

My goal is to qualify for and join a NGSF unit without coming off AGR to do so. If this is unrealistic I'd like to know.


09-05-2008, 08:25
It is an internal process and as such hiring is done from within the Group. There are a couple administrative/support type slots that are filled by non-tabbed guys but they are few and far between.

I dont know about all of them, but the AGR guys I know were in 20th before moving into an AGR slot. I can assure you though that if there is a slot open it will be offered to the team guys before others will get a shot at it. The only exception to this is the non-tabbed positions at Group and Battalion.



09-05-2008, 08:44
(I'm M-day, not AGR, so take this for what its worth.)

It may be pretty difficult - NC only has a company, and most of the NGSF AGR slots are at Bn or Group. A company just doesn't have that many AGR slots available, and there's not a lot of turnover.

Also, the training/ ops AGR slots are for 18 series personnel, and there are usually a sufficiency of already qualified guys that are already known to the command for what few positions become available.

There's a supply AGR slot available that requires a sharp guy who doesn't have to be qualified - but because he doesn't have to be qualified, you won't necessarily get a shot at the Q course if you were to get that position. I also know that the decision is as likely to be to send an already qualified 18C to the supply course instead of going outside the unit, both because the unit wants to take care of their own, and also because there's a lot of SOF specific stuff to deal with.

I do know of two people over my career who started out as the unit supply person and went on to the 18C course, but its because they "earned" that opportunity through their performance, not because they had to have the MOS.

Maybe, if you could get that position, you could work yourself into a chance to go to the course, but its a pretty long shot.

Good luck

09-05-2008, 09:38
Thanks for the info, I thought that might be the situation and it makes sense.

I'm going to prepare myself physically for the opportunity of attending SFAS and once my AGR tour is coming to a close I will be able to determine the best COA from the situation at that time... if it is financially feasible to go back to m-day and other factors are liable to change in the next few years.