View Full Version : Question about sponsorsip to all soldiers currentley with 7th.

09-03-2008, 05:31
Hello! My name is PFC Crabill, currentley in korea on orders to 7th Group. I'm 2 months out from pcsing and I need some information about sponsorship. I've searched all over the Fort Bragg website for information regarding sponsorship but all I could find was info on 82nd and other units. But I couldnt find a phone number or email for 7th Group. I even emailed the MWR and BOSS people with no results. They just told me to take a look at the Fort Bragg website.

So down to my real question. Is there any soldiers currently stationed with 7th that might possibly have a phone number or email that can help me get a sponsor? The only other emails i could find where for the CSM and the COL...and I'm not about to email them.

Thank you and have a wonderful day.

PFC Crabill

09-22-2008, 19:23
Dial 910-432-7777 or DSN 239-7777. That will get you the staff duty. They will be able to give you the number to your Bn and Company if you know them.
Good luck