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05-25-2004, 22:16
From a friend at Fort Campbell:


To Friends, Family members, and Associates,

It's incredible to me that these projects have taken on such a life of their own. Please check out the web link below for all the details regarding the project. Then, please forward to anyone you know who may wish to view the site or contribute to the project.

My former teammates and I are honored and humbled that the Special Forces Association and SF Community have chosen this smaller statue created by Douwe Blumberg in close consultation with members of ODA-595 for the larger life sized monument. The larger version is to be accessible to the public and dedicated to the service of past, present, and future members of the
Special Forces Community. It is but a glimpse into those wild and crazy times of which we got to be but a small catalyst in the opening phases of the War on Terrorism and the fight to liberate Afghanistan.

Mark N-
Major, Special Forces
5th Special Forces Group (Airborne)
Former Commander, ODA-595
"The Regulator's"

Help Honor our Special Forces heroes!!

For over half a century, our legendary "Green Berets" have answered their country's call with honor, courage and sacrifice. From before Vietnam through today, they and their families have committed their lives to protecting us. It is sadly ironic therefore, that today in this country, there stands not a single publicly accessible monument to honor these elite warriors. Please use the link below to find out how your tax-decuctible donation can remedy this. The U.S. Special Forces Monument Initiative is endorsed by the Special Forces Association as well as Special
Forces leadership. It is a true grass-roots movement, and needs your support and help in spreading the word!!


Forward this email to everyone you know!! and ask them to do the same!!!

Foundation for U.S. Historical Monuments (a 501 c3 organization)


I had an interesting discussion at work today... It may (or may not) come as a surprise to know that Special Forces is the ONLY organization in all of SOF (Army/Navy/USAF) without our own memorial plaza. Oh, we had one, for 30+ years - until the former CG of USASOC, J.T. Scott (worthless sumbich that he is/was), deemed it appropriate to move Bronze Bruce from his original post to the then new USASOC HQ building, effectively wiping the "Special Forces Memorial Plaza" off the face of the planet in one fell swoop.

The SFA valiantly fought the move, to the point where they finally got LTG Scott (human POS that he is/was) to agree to meet with a delegation to hear why Bronze Bruce should not be moved. (He wasn't SF qualified - he hated SF - why would he give a shit about where ol' BB stood guard.).

The morning that the delegation from the SFA was scheduled to meet with Scott, (useless MF'r that he is/was), they pulled into the parking lot at the JFK Center just in time to see a large crane lower BB onto the bed of a flatbed trailer. Words can't describe the anger that ensued as a result of the decision to go ahead with the move, even though there was a tremendous amount of history that went along with BB's dedication in November of 1969. The items that were selected to go into the base had special meaning - but did LTG Scott (affectionately known as "The High Jumper" because he couldn't stand up straight, appearing to assume the starting position for the old Army exercise of the same name - or perhaps if was from bending over and taking one up the ol' hershey highway... is it hard to see that I don't like the man?...).

I digress...

Once BB was moved, the plates with the names of fallen SF soldiers was dismantled and the whole shebang became just another grassy area to walk your dog on until the statue of Bull Simons was dedicated years later.

So let's see... the guys 'behind the fence' have their own memorial wall, the Hooah's at Benning have their own memorial plaza, the rotor-heads at Fort Campbell have theirs, the Squids have theirs at Coronado, and the Zoomies have one at Hurlburt.

But SF dead are memorialized along with all the others (Rangers/Aviators/Psyop & CA) on the wall at the "ARSOF Memorial Plaza" - ain't that just fucking wonderful. SF makes up the largest single part of all of SOF, and we can't get a fucking plaza to memorialize our own.

It's all about politics, gents.. and it all stinks.

That's why I am personally going to help the good Major at Fort Campbell - who I personally know, and who was personally responsible for the deaths of over 5,000 Taliban in the early days of OEF - studies on how 12 guys killed 5,000 guys will go on for years - get this statue made and placed where SF can memorialize SF dead. It's going to be a hard battle, but there are a lot of dedicated sumbich's out there who feel the same way I do about the successes of Special Forces soldiers, and the continual lack of awareness by senior Army officers.

Perhaps it's time not to be so much of a "Quiet Professional". We've got to get our shit together, or big Army will - once again - regard SF soldiers as misfits and malcontents (it's already happening in very high places - we just can't get no respect!)/

So... check out the link above, and reach in your wallet and send a few bucks to help the cause. And don't forget to get the word out. This is a small venue - but word spreads fast in the community.

Have at it...

De Oppresso Liber!