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05-25-2004, 13:54
The introduction of the following information is supplemental to what was provided in the Le Mas Ltd. Paradigm CD to both military and law enforcement agencies.

Le Mas Ltd. is concerned with the demonstrated operational design and capability of this ammunition with respect to armor penetration and living tissue destructions. Our efforts focus on demonstrating greater probability for 0 mission capability created from a single BMT bullet impact which directly improves both operator survivability and mission success.

The BMT Armor Piercing Limited Penetration rifle ammunition is primarily designed to provide the ability to defeat levels of armor that conventional bullets cannot, yet the same bullet designs will also secondarily provide dramatic fragmentation with reduced over penetration potential.

Hard Armor

The following high speed digital pictures chronicle hard armor penetrations through 3/8" AR-500 steel armor. It is significant to note that no conventional non dedicated armor piercing bullet designs currently exist which can defeat this level of hard armor.

The following .308 Land Warfare bullet designs are shown to penetrate hard armors, yet the same bullet will also dramatically deploy as a fragmenting bullet with limited over penetration potential when impacting living tissue mediums.

Live Tissue Performance

BMT live tissue impacts show greater comparative live tissue incapacitation and greater real tissue destructions than any conventional ammunition we have fired. Although the recorded conventional ammunition live tissue impacts in the video did cause death, if any of those targets had been two legged animals holding an RPG pointed your direction, you would have probably been killed from the resulting lack of immediate impact incapacitation we observed. The BMT APLP ammunition demonstrates a much faster "0" mission capability than conventional ammunition designs from a single impact.

The 7.62x51 Land Warfare penetrated 13.75 inches into gelatin, defeated 3/8" AR-500 steel armor, but did not demonstrate increased depths of penetration during thoracic cavity impacts. The lateral fragmentation dimensions as measured on the x-ray were in excess of 18 inches. Excerpts from the written surgeon's necropsy report from one of two M.D. surgeons on site which was also recorded on the Paradigm video will also be provided.)

(Written report from the Le Mas Ltd. Paradigm CD, Dr. Vincent J. Russo, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.S. surgeon's necropsy report on the BMT 7.62x51 Land Warfare)

"When this 225 pound pig was shot he began generalized seizures within eight seconds. Review of the x-rays revealed diffuse intrathoracic metallic fragments at great distances from the point of entry, all the way to the diaphragm and fractured ribs."

"The necropsy revealed a small entry wound, through the right shoulder, but a very large blood clot filled hole deep to the fascia, secondary to liquefied muscle."

Part 2 to follow

05-25-2004, 14:02
Part 2

"On opening the chest it was obvious that the pig had exsanguinated into the thoracic cavity. There was a massive pericardial hematoma secondary to a large hole in the heart."

"Bilateral lung injury with multiple holes and lung blistering. The left, offsite, chest wall sustained a fractured rib and liquefied muscle, but no exit wound."

"The liver, some 25-30 centimeters from the path of the bullet, had an injury with an intrahepatic hematoma."

"In summary, this pig also sustained massive internal damage unexpected from a single bullet wound."

Both AP and lateral x-rays were utilized in the gathering of data. The original x-ray films for all comparative impacts to include 5.56 BMT live tissue impacts and M-855 which is not shown on the video are also available for authentication of what was demonstrated and attested to in the video presentation.

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Good gouge APLP, thanks.

Me and Eagle and Doc T would have our work cut out for us with this ammo.

The Reaper
05-25-2004, 19:10
Not unless it was a peripheral hit.

Body or head, and you will be tagging and bagging.

Great X-Rays showing the radial dispersion of particles, Stan!


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ditto to TR - very impressive