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08-06-2008, 23:36
I've been looking for details about this online and haven't found specifics about how to transfer from active to inactive guard (the b-teams is out of town or I'd call them). Is there a particular form I submit...a 4187 or something?

Also how long can one be in the inactive guard?

08-07-2008, 10:30
I went for active reserves to inactive(IRR) twice. It was no big deal, I spoke with my CO and it was done. When I want to come come back, I again spoke with my Co and 1st SGT.

08-07-2008, 12:09
The process to go ING (inactive guard) is pretty simple - first step is to get permission from your unit.

Transferring to the ING is not the same as transferring to the IRR. In the IRR, you're not part of any unit, and could (theoretically) be called up to fill any slot you're qualified for. Also in the IRR, you can be promoted, go to schools, and so on.

In the ING, you're still attached to your unit - just "inactive," so if your unit gets called up, you're still going - but you can't be farmed out to fill a slot like in the IRR. Since you're inactive, you can't be promoted or attend any sort of training.

Two things to check on before you decide to go inactive: Some states have a limit as to how long you can stay ING before they automatically transfer you to the IRR. Also, after a period of time of being inactive (I think 90 days, but I'm not sure) your SGLI is no longer in effect.

If you just need a short break in your life, ING might be for you. If you want to cut away from your unit, IRR is probably the better route. If you just have employment conflicts (say, for example, you'll be out of town for 3-6 months), you might want to talk to your unit about the possibllity of SUTAs instead, so you can keep your affiliation, keep your SGLI, and make a good year.

Good luck

08-08-2008, 18:24
Thanks for the replies,

One more question: Does ING time count toward completing my current enlistment contract?
I've heard conflicting accounts from different sources. Initially, I thought that my guard obligation freezes while I'm inactive. However, if this is not the case I will have to quickly extend before going inactive because my ETS date will occur while I'm overseas.