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Team Sergeant
07-29-2008, 13:18
"Special Forces" and "Green Beret" Corporate, Government, police, SWAT, security contractors, expert defense witnesses, martial arts & shooting instructors, actors, impostors, phonies, liars, frauds, fakes, etc we are on to you.

On any given day we are working on exposing you and when we do we will make the information public along with the corporation, corporate security company, police force, defense attorney, contractor etc that hired you.

ProfessionalSoldiers.com has been contacted by a number of corporate & government individuals, employers and employee's etc requesting confirmation of an individuals "Special Forces" or "Green Beret" status. While your lies and deceit may fool some it will not fool us, the real Quiet Professionals.

Beware you Special Forces fakes, liars, frauds, as ProfessionalSoldiers.com grows your days as a fraud are numbered, will expose you and turn over the information to the proper authorities.

If you know of someone that has a questionable "Special Forces" or "Green Beret" background or might be a phony feel free to contact us:

DeadDrop@ProfessionalSoldiers "dot" com

(This does not apply to "boyfriends" or the moron at the bar that says he was a former "Green Beret".).

You have been warned.

For those reading this post feel free to copy and paste it all over the internet.

Team Sergeant

Team Sergeant
08-21-2013, 11:20
We've recently been receiving messages and emails about an individual on face book that claims he's an 18 year old SF COL.

At a glance that individual looks to be mentally disturbed, Professionalsoldiers.com doesn't go after the mentally disturbed/challenged.