View Full Version : Burn Blankets?

07-13-2008, 07:49
You see them everywhere in theater...the orange tube we call the "Burn Blanket". I've replaced a few of them that have broken from mis-handling and leaked out their "snot", but never used one myself. My questions are:

Has anyone that has used them? Thumbs up/down? Lessons learned?

Where do you store yours in an MRAP? I've seen it stored inside & out in various places, most with good reasoning.

07-14-2008, 03:03
I have used a burn blanket and really don't appreciate the mess they make, especially if you have to CM after using it. Everything it gets on is now a slimey mess (you, weapons, vehicles, etc.)

We have one in each truck in the back hatch for the sake of satisfying the packing list. If my truck is burning I'm grabbing my guys and whatever sensitive items I can and I going to let it burn, I'm not a firefighter. Its a lot faster to smother a person with the millions of acres of sand than it is to open and deploy one of those snot rags. As far as MRAPs are concered, I have no idea. Those things are way too huge to get us around in our AO.

09-03-2008, 09:33
I used one on an indig who fried himself making molotov cocktails. Worked ok...helped relieve his pain. It dries out, so the mess is really a non-issue. I see the possibility of using two or putting water on it if your waiting on a bird. Since it's wet, you gotta keep hypothermia in mind.