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Future Something?
07-03-2008, 21:40
In a Special Forces Team/Unit, what is your preferred environment and why do you choose it?

I understand that descriptions of previous deployment environments & operations environments are most likely not discussable, so if any QPs have a general preference, and can share it, please do!

My main reason for asking is, I have no idea what type of environment I'd prefer to be deployed to (not to demand anything, or to be lazy). I know that the sandbox is the main attraction, but I'm sure QPs who've deployed to different parts of the world have different preferences by now, and myself among many others of this board, would greatly enjoy reading the opinions of the QPs on this board.

Care to share? :munchin

The Reaper
07-03-2008, 22:29
First, do as the registration message asked, as good SA would demand, as an SF soldier would know, as we require and read this:


Then tell me which part applies to you, and what you are doing wrong.

You are not a peer here, and this is not a casual board. We are not here to satisfy your idle curiosity.

You will last a lot longer on PS.com and in the military if you read more, and do not post or open your mouth much, if at all.


Team Sergeant
07-04-2008, 08:53
Future 18Echo,

As the Reaper stated, we're not here for your entertainment.

Re-read the board rules, and you'll notice you're a "guest" on a Special Forces website, our website. This is not military.com.

Now you know what it is to draw fire upon yourself.

You will comply with my message or you will be gone from the board.

Team Sergeant