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06-14-2008, 01:02
Hey guys, I'm thinking about doing the transfer from active to guard in the next year when my enlistment is up and I just wanted to post up on here to see what the 20th grp guys think of it all. I am currently in 7th grp working on a dive team as the sr bravo. We have a great team but unfortuantely the SWC monster is gonna take probably half of our team when we get back from deployment. You know how it goes. The SWC monster always takes the guys u need most. Im not coming down on orders to swc or anything but I figured when all my good buddies leave the team that may give me a chance to explore the other parts of SF. I have always been interested in the guard because of its flexibility and plus, my dad did 20 something years with the SF guard and some of it was with 20th. I am in contact with a recruiter from 20th in florida now and again but its always good to hear how stuff works from the guys on the teams so if anyone has any ideas or suggestions on how I should attack this then I would be appreciative. Anyways, I will stop rambling but please post up if you dont think this post sucks. thanks


06-14-2008, 06:39

I went the same route you are thinking about ten yrs ago. Went from 7th to the 20th. Once I decided to get out, I found the closest SF unit to where I was moving to and signed up.

With the NG you can spend as much time on a team as you want, but at the same time there are staff positions that you can move into if you want a change of pace and/or to broaden your experience. If you need temporary and/or permanent full-time work...you can also do that in the NG. Or if going to school is your thing.. then you can do that too. And, your service continues to count towards a federal retirement.

Taking a broader perspective... By continuing to serve in the NG you are still an asset to the Regiment. We always have room for another brother. We are in the playbook and are actively rotating into OEF/OIF fight (however, at a slower optempo than the Active Duty), as well as conducting theater engagement events such as JCETs etc.,so it's not like you're walking away from the fight.

The biggest thing is when/if you end up at the RCCC during your outprocessing, do not let anyone tell you that there are no openings for your MOS in the State/SF unit where you want to go. EVERY unit has openings. We (the NG) are trying to fix this by putting SFers at the RCCCs to eliminate the misinformation and help smooth the process for those transitioning from Active to NG. We're not there yet, but it is in the works.

BTW have you talked with SGM K (Bn Ops in FL)? I know that he'd be more than happy to talk with you if you want to know more specifics about the FL SF.

Shoot me a PM with your info if you want and I'll pass it on.

06-14-2008, 10:46

Certainly, every unit to include 20th grp has it share of pros and cons. But, it really has to do with the individual and what are his expectations about the unit. In your case, 3/20 SFGA out of Florida is an outstanding unit, that recently returned in 2007 from OIF. It has alot of good people and you should fit right in.

I would agree with your statement that the Guard does offer somewhat more flexibily when it comes to deployments, schooling and oppertunies. However, remember it is never a perfect world and you might not get what you want.

If you decide to come over to unit have a plan. The majority of SF guard personnel are M-Day soldiers and have a primary job. Many times that job conflits with military obligations and causes problems. There are laws to protect your rights, however, I am sure there plenty of people in the guard that will tell you it is not a desirable situation to have to decide between the guard and your employer.

Also, realize that 20th group is in the play book for the next several years. With two battalions comming on line for year long OEF tours in 09, 10. So most likely you will going right back in the box.

Just something to consider. If you want to meet some 20th group guys and discuss further, there are a bunch of us going through a demob at bragg over the next week. We would be happy to discuss some thing off line about the group.



06-21-2008, 09:29
Something to consider if you really enjoy the SCUBA mission. Dive Teams in the Guard are much worse off even than AD when it comes to the number of qualified personnel. My company has two W7s, me being one of them & I am not even on the SCUBA team. Having said that, half of my CDQC class was from 745 & 755 and two of the cadre had just left 755. If those guys were any indicater of the rest of the SCUBA guys at 7th Grp, than you have plenty of talent around to work with.

The Guard can be a great deal if you have a job that supports it. Most guys who really make the NG work for them have government (local, state, or federal) jobs because they are generally more forgiving of long absences and last minute "I need three weeks off to attend...." A young guy like yourself could probably very easily get out, get a degree using your GI Bill while doing a little "guard bumming" & parlay a degree and your experience in to a solid Federal career.

Personally, I will probably be going AD when my NG enlistment is up. One, because I will only have 6 yrs to retire, but more importantly I miss being a full timer. Whatever you do, good luck. If I can be of any help, shoot me a PM & I can stop by and chat when I get back to Fayetteville next week.


12-09-2009, 17:28
I have been searching the threads for the answer to this and haven't been able to find some solid ideas..

While we're on the topic, can someone give me a good idea of the optempo for NGSF units? I have heard that some transition to NGSF because they can deploy more frequently. I guess my question is...How often can one expect to get deployed in a NGSF unit?

If anyone feels this needs to be moved to another area, please let me know. I dont want to hijack the thread, but thought the question pertained to the previous one. Thanks

12-09-2009, 17:34
I have been searching the threads for the answer to this and haven't been able to find some solid ideas..

How often can one expect to get deployed in a NGSF unit?

Battalions are deploying about every 3 years but individual companies volunteer to deploy out of rotation all the time.

As a NG SF soldier you can volunteer to deploy with other companies, battalions, or the other Group or wait to deploy with your company/BN when your turn comes...

For instance, my last trip the junior weapons guy had been out of the course for 3-1/2 years and was on his third deployment...

In short, you can stay as busy as you want to be at this moment. We are waiting to see what becomes of the rotations after next year.

wet dog
12-09-2009, 18:43
Not that many years ago AD and NG did not see eye to eye. Not at the troop level, but from Command to Command. The SF NG wanted to participate in Panama, (89), but were not asked. Select 18D, 18E were asked to go, one SF NG LTC told Ft. Bragg - "take us all or none of us". Ft. Bragg said, O.K., you can stay home.

Less than two years later, Desert Storm arrived, once again AD told NG, they could sit that one out as well.

I witnessed NG SF personnel loading duffle bags onto a bus for an MI and Water Teams deploying to Kuwait, Jan. 1991. I believe this was in part for "payback" of not putting the needs of the Army first. I can appreciate a Cdr fighting for his unit, but I also see how he failed in not supporting command.

Personal politics of two LTC Cdrs, who went to the "Q" together, both West Point "ring knockers" - (Asses), who hated each other for some unkown, stupid reason going all the way back to the academy. One AD, the other NG. So many of us felt betrayed by our own SF leaders. They had put personal interests before their teams. Some got out because of it, others went active duty.

It's been twenty years since Panama, or the heavy work loads of 7th group prior to the invasion. To some, that a "career ago" long endeavour.

It has only been because of 9/11 and following world wide missions, that the NG has been used. Finally, the AD command has a tremendous amount of respect for the NG troops. They have filled many gaps in the GWOT. NG makes up 1/3 of the total SF strength.

I served a few years in the guard. Our particular company had (8) deployments in a 12 month period. We were as busy as our fellow AD counter parts. In fact, we had it even better than the AD teams. We never got caught in that "Red, Green, Amber" rotation support crap. If you were an 18D or 18E, you stood a good chance of being gone alot if you wanted.

Now the guard is a haven for those who are tired of the endless deployments. One TM SGT recently told me, I get to see my kids more. Another has said, "maybe I can finish school", the examples are many.

As for the two LTC Cdrs., gone, forgotten by most. After all this time, I can still "smell bad decision making" from a long way out.

Whatever you choose, listen to your brothers.

I'm sure you'll be fine.


12-09-2009, 19:10
Thanks for the replies gentleman, I have to say...I have been waiting a long time to ask. (late nights of searching the threads) Thanks again!