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06-07-2008, 04:59
It's Tarpon (megalops atlanticus) season,, and that means it's time for the annual PoonTangle!!!

What's that you say???

Poon, like in Tarpon and Tangle, like dancing with the gods... If you feel you need to be frustrated, belittled, and humiliated in front of your friends & enemies, try it some time..

It started almost 10 years ago,, A bunch of the Gal's & Guy's, that frequent the Saltwater Fly Fishing Florida & Caribbean fora, decided to get together and meet.

The format was very simple, NO competition, just good food, a few cold drinks, and lots of camaraderie.. A date was set and the rest, as they say, was history.. The crowd was small the first couple years,, and still is,, best year we had maybe 60 show up,, this year we had 41 entrants,, seven of which have attended all eight PoonTangles.. Here is our modest web page with the history, pictures, and such..


PT VIII Pictures:


We decided a couple years ago to designate a charity so we could help others enjoy the sport. We picked Casting for Recovery. CfR is an organization dedicated to helping women who have had breast cancer. This insidious cancer has struck several of our lot, including my wife and mother. Last year we collected about 2500 USD and with the help of Orvis, doubled that contribution. This year it looks like we will be donating around 4200 USD and again, Orvis will double. Not bad for a small crowd..


PoonTangle is all about fly fishing,, but I still grocery fish,, gotta eat.. Here is
my Fish Tails Collection:


All fishing stories are to be considered accurate, true and factual. The fishing conditions, dates, sizes, weights of said caught fish are not to be challenged, unless you have a better story,, in which case the best story or biggest fish wins,, as determined by the Committee for Verification of Impractical Truths -vs- Unverifiable Fiction...


05-30-2009, 13:40
Another year,, another set of parties,, PoonTangle IX has started..

About 34 showed up last night at JJ's Road-Kill Chillie Cook. We actual have 4 beers remanding and someone threw the Tequila bottle away with about 3 oz still in it... I think it's still good,, nuff said..

Those that came down at the beginning of the week had the opportunity to fish the annual Palola (Palolo) worm run. Not many hook-ups but the sight of Tarpon schooling in the Hundreds sure helps the hart pump a little faster..

It's was windy as he$$ yesterday and the pickings were slim, 1/2 doz hook ups, no landings. There was a couple Permit, several Bones, and assorted "others" caught..

It rained pretty hard over night, and has sprinkled a coupe time today,, Hopefully that will put some O2 in the water and get the Poons excited..

The Big BBQ on No Name Key starts at 6PM to-nite,, stories to follow...

Here is the picture story so far...


Enjoy.. :D

05-08-2010, 06:44
To: The Fisherman That Dream..

Once again, the Misses & I have co-hosted this get-together of Ladies and Gentleman that are possessed with the raw need to Tangle with what we affectionately call Poons.

Last night was this years opening volley.

This event is not a competition, but rather a gathering for friendship & camaraderie.

This year the fishing gods have smiled on us. The winds are light (1st time ever), The water has warmed above 75 deg, The Poons are everywhere.

At least one over 100 lbs was released Friday.

As is the norm, there were many hook-ups and un-intended spontaneous technical equipment failures. In other words, someone blew it..

I have loaded up some pictures,,



05-08-2010, 07:21
The absolute number one thing I miss about living in Panama. Tarpon Fishing on the Chagres River. Over 100 pounders were very common. One of probably many great fishing areas not known to the public.
X-Mass day 1994. Being single with nothing better to do that day. I went out alone in my 14' John Boat and a lot of Beer. I hooked into one immediately. It drug me around for four hours. Even out the Mouth of the River into the Caribbean. It weighed in at 148lbs.
My own Old Man and the Sea moment, witnessed by only me.
I just found out last week. My roommate at the time actually still has the video tape of me with this Tarpon back on FT Davis. I am going to get it and try to find someone who can capture a still photo from it.

05-08-2010, 07:36
Last year I took the family out to Egmont Key State Park which is accessible by boat only. The tarpon fisherman were hitting it hard on the northeast side of the island, near the shipping channel. It was pretty amazing to watch them battle those fish, very impressive.

10-11-2010, 15:40
Getcha some! Poon Crazy...


Habu-MFFI 175
10-13-2010, 20:56
Looks like organized chaos..:D


10-13-2010, 21:01
Looks like organized chaos..:D


It is...

I'll take it to the fly rod,, less hook-ups,, less landings,, more civilized...