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05-14-2008, 06:23
Im hoping someone can help me with my bunion problem. I have one on each of my big toes. I switched to wider shoes about a year and a half ago but still got no relief. I consulted a podiatrist and they want to but a screw in both my big toes. I dont want to go that route just yet becaues i just got out the "Q" coures a few months ago and I dont want to look like im shamming already.

If any of the 18D's or anyone could recommend a pain relieving treatment I would greatly appreciate it. Oh yeah, i tried the toe spacers for about a year but it didnt help. To give you an idea of how my big toes look there pointing at a 40 degree angle when i put my feet together.

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05-14-2008, 16:52

You have seen a Podiatrist and are looking for a second opinion. In your shopping, look for the best treatment, not the treatment you think is best.

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