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05-07-2008, 19:55
I have a broken laptop computer. Broken in the sense that the hard drive experienced a catastrophic failure and makes a bunch of clicky noises when it tries to run. No safe mode...no nothing. Just noises
I know the hard drive is the badness since I pulled it out, put it in a container and tried to access it via USB...still lots of clicky noises.

No sweat.

The question I have is..
Can I take a DIFFERENT hard drive and insert it into my old laptop and make it run?

It may sound stupid...but I haven't been able to get that option to work either.



05-07-2008, 20:28
Can you? If you have the right model, yeah... :) Generally Laptop drives are 2.5" PATA, but many are switching over to SATA... You'll also want to contact the vendor of your laptop.. they may be able to replace the drive.. you may need another copy of your desired OS.

If you got a Dell or HP/Compaq, they're usually pretty helpful within the barriers of allowed assistance (e.g., warranty status).

Obviously that won't help your data, tho. We're in a similar boat with one of our drives. There are lots of little tricks that apparently work (haven't tried them) such as freezing the drives, dropping them a little (reseats the heads).. yadda yadda... you could take it to a professional... it could be pricey unless it's a simple fix (can't really tell yet).

05-07-2008, 20:34
It's a SONY, I've been lugging it around (broken) for 3 years now. Just seems such a waste to toss the thing when all that is wrong is the hard drive.


05-07-2008, 20:35
Is it a Vaio?

Are you looking at data recovery or just replacing the harddrive and starting new? if the latter, then it's relatively easy-peasy. If the former, it's gonna take a bit of work. :)

05-07-2008, 21:02
Easy Peazy Lemon Squeezy...

on my old VAIO :D


05-07-2008, 21:36
I've got a drive you can have or you can go buy a plain jane laptop drive. Any local computer store will carry them, just take the old one in and show them if you're not sure what you have. Load up you OS and track down your drivers.

PM me if you need something

05-07-2008, 22:56
When you talk to the person at the computer store, might want to ask if you need to make any BIOS changes after installing the new hard drive. There may be no changes to make but better to ask while you're there.

05-31-2008, 15:03
Not sure if this is helpful, I dont know much. But....

Does it POST?

Can you boot into Bios?

Sorry if you Already have established that. Or if it doesnt apply.

06-05-2008, 00:18

What are the causlties vital signs?
The Sony Vio Casulty could be suffering from other trama.
I think you may need to establish if the HD is the only thing wrong.

With some computers you can boot into Bios,
WITH OUT an HD plugged in...

The Bios is usually built in Software on the Mother Bord that tells the HD how to boot into Windows and does other system monitoring things.

The Mother Bord is like your Spine, everything is connected to it....
The Bios is like your lower brain and instinct to breath, ect ect ect...

Check to see if Sony is breathing....or POST ing

POST is like an all systems Go test your computer does at start up that may tell you what may be wrong with certain beep codes.....

Ever wonder why some computers Beep once, have all the lights on the keybord and mouse flicker....Its a POST....

The Mother Bord got twitched from the CPU brain being switched on,

so the Mother Bord activated your BIOS automatically, like the lower part of your brain telling you to breath....

Once breathing and Vitals are established through CPU, Mother Bord, Bios, POST process the Hard Drive Kicks in with the Windows Operating system.
Much like how your body has to be breathing, beating, for you to be aware.

Good, Sir....
If you want to transplant your HD. I first would look for a BIOS and a POST.

Simular to doctor looking at the health of a pre tansplant patient.
To indicate the HD is truly the only problem and that the VIO is
expected to make a full recovery with a new HD and OS.

Especially if you have to pay $$ for a new Hard Drive that may or may not fix the problem.

06-05-2008, 04:28
It's a SONY, I've been lugging it around (broken) for 3 years now. Just seems such a waste to toss the thing when all that is wrong is the hard drive.


What is the age of your laptop,, if it's been broken for 3 yr,, maybe 5-6 yrs old??

1)new 30 gb HD will cost around 50-90 USD,, just make sure you match the type pata/sata/etc.. don't go crazy on a super big drive 30-40 bg is fine.

2)IF you've lost the system cd's, you'll need to purchase a new OS,, 150 USD, make sure it's XP pro

3)geek help,, 40 USD per hr << geek friends help<<


a)give the laptop to a geek friend and let him/her try to fix it. They may have a spare drive and can determine if that is the only problem.

b)It might be time to look at purchasing a new system. Dell has laptops in their factory outlet for under 400 USD.. pay for the 3yr warrenty..

c)donate the old one to a school or BSA or GSA or who-ever..

Good Luck

06-05-2008, 06:09
Considering that this thread is a month old, I suspect he's gotten the problem taken care of.