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That Guy v2.0
04-17-2008, 10:59
Below is a informative recruiting .pdf from 20th Grp in Florida. Among other things it covers:

General overview of SF and its mission.

Pipeline Sequence (this may no longer be right though)

NQP/REP-63 train up program

A career in SF and its impact on Family/Home Life

Support/Non 18 Series jobs available

Prep for SFAS (with reference to Crossfit :lifter)

What to expect in the NQP program from 20th Grp Cadre


The Reaper
04-17-2008, 13:31
Not bad, could have used a good proofread.

Also, they state "It is the firm belief of 3rd Battalion and SOCOM that the qualities of a Special Forces soldier are inherent, not learned."

This may be true but we can also state with good certainty that some people are just not cut out for SF, regardless of the amount of training that they receive. Others are just bad risks. You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, and that is why we have prerequisites and run SFAS, not to train, but to identify and select those soldiers who already have the attributes that we seek, to include the ability to accept and absorb the training that they will require to be good SF soldiers.

Informative, nonetheless. Thanks.