View Full Version : PM notification

05-13-2004, 16:29
I have selected to recieve an e-mail, as well as have a window pop up when I recieve a new PM, but neither happens.

Any idea why? I check my spam box on aol, but nothing there.

Team Sergeant
05-13-2004, 16:42
aol is blocking emails from this site.

Until we become a large well known website I'm sure it will continue.

05-13-2004, 17:54
Ah. Thank you for an answer.

05-13-2004, 19:20
AOL went on a rampage of blocking many forum automatic emails, and many other type automatic replies. In fact most Internet businesses recently started publicly reporting a policy of not guaranting delivery of emails to AOL. There are huge well known web sites that are having emails blocked by AOL. This is because AOL stepped up their anti-spam policy and don't seem to care if they loose customers because of email blocking...it is ironic that they used to be the biggest supporters of spam in the not to long ago history of the Internet.