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That Guy v2.0
03-25-2008, 20:20
Is there a published schedule on how often the SFAD in San Antonio Tx is conducted? Is it year round, one time per month etc? I've received different info on this and I was just looking for clarification.


03-26-2008, 19:34
I can help you out with that. Please PM me and I can get you the dates. We've got some guys working to publish this on our recruiting website, but it might take a few days...thanks for your patience.

143rd Inf.
04-14-2016, 18:15
My chain of command is telling me I owe the battalion 2 years before I can leave for selection. Can they do that? How might I get around this? I shouldn't be sitting around with my thumb up my ass for another year and a half.
If there is a better forum for this question please let me know.

04-16-2016, 17:12
Good Sir, the search engine is your friend. Have you tried to address this problem through your chain of command? Have you researched what it takes to transfer from one unit to another within your state? Have you made contact with the unit you intend to transfer too? There are procedures in place to correct your problem. Research them and exhaust them before you come here with your problem. Take it from one that was in the National Guard, at this stage in your career, you do not want to burn your bridges. Good Luck