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05-07-2004, 15:48
Question for you techies...

I have my XP firewall activated on all internet connections as well as the frequently updated McAffee personal firewall running.

My question is this. How can I ensure that my firewall is currently working? When I click on the program and view the "events", it reports it hasn't blocked any since tuesday this week. The reason I am concerned is usually I get pinged,etc a LOT during a normal single session online... and I haven't had one since Tuesday with me and my wife online a LOT.

I am starting to worry that someone/something has deactivated my firewall from truely working even though it says it is running.

I ran the latest update Mcafee virus scan (with my system restore OFF to make sure nothing was escaping detection) on my entire harddrive with no results of infection.

Am I just being overly cautious, or is there a better way to check this program to ensure its protecting my PC.:confused:

05-07-2004, 16:05
PM me your IP and I'll hit it a couple of times with some probes I have.

I don't use the mcafee firewall so I don't know how to check it. If you want to protect yourself go to walmart and get oe of their d-link cable/dsl modem routers. It has a pretty robust app that comes with it and it's only $40. I use it and it blocks everything and it's completely configurable.

Team Sergeant
05-07-2004, 16:21
Your google is weak....

All these places will check and assess your firewall security.






05-07-2004, 17:00
I haven't been hit much lately either

But I've noticed no performance degredation at all so maybe they figured out you can't hack the Sac................


05-07-2004, 17:25
I was wary of going to unknown internet sites without recomendation from the knowledgeable here that they are safe sites. I can see myself going to a "hacker's" website and clicking on some button that actually GIVES them access in.. LOL

I had googled some sights though. Just wanted to check and see if I can safely use those type of sites.

KYO- Thanks. will do it tomorrow. I am about to get offline until late tonight.

05-07-2004, 17:50
Those sites are safe, but symantic and mcafee leave a little doubt in your mind so they can try to sell you something.

"Your system looks like it's protected, but . . ."