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01-18-2008, 17:32
Anyone have any info on A-13 in Lopburi within the time frame of late 69 to early/mid 70?

My dad Gary Hollingsworth was on this team and I would like to learn more about what he did during his time in Thailand before he left for CCN.

Here is a team picture:


you can also contact me at jkhollings @ yahoo . com.


01-28-2008, 10:27
This is a picture of A-13, 46th Special Forces Company taken in Thailand sometime in 1970. On the left in the front row is Lt. Peterson, unknown and a Thai Interpreter and from the left in the second row is CPT Johnson, SFC Chuck Henderson, SFC Robert Bernier, unknown, SSG Ray Steel, From the left in the third row is, unknown, SFC John Oaks, unknown, SGT Moss, unknown and Gary Hollingsworth. They were putting on a Demonstration at an Air Force Base somewhere North of Bangkok.

SO the next question is, anyone recognize the names and have contact info?

Email me b/c jkhollings @ yahoo . com