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12-16-2007, 23:12
This is a workout routine I did when I started to drop weight. (I'm still High School, I'm a Junior now)

This is what I did to drop from 368.2lbs to 283lbs by the end of this summer, (but since shoulder injury, I'm now 290's) It took two years to drop it, 05-06, and 06-07 School years.

The objective is TOTAL amount of reps, not how much you can do at one time. But the TOTAL reps you put in. The higher your PT level, the higher phase you can start your self. Each phase should be atleast two weeks before going to next phase.

Phase I
Push-ups 80 (20 reg, 20hands in, 20 arms wide, 20w/ legs on table, or chair)
Sit-ups 50
Crunches 100
Squats 50
Flutters 20 (4 count excersize)
Planks 20 seconds front, left, and right.
legs raises 30 seconds
Run 3 min.
Sprint 25M, over back over, one time.

Walk 3 miles, if possible, NO stopping (and trust me, if a 300+ lb fat ass can do it, hell YEAH you can do it.)

Phase II Increase everything by 20, but the planks down.
Push-ups 100 (25 reg, 25 hands in, 25 arms wide, 25 feet on chair or table)
sit-ups 70
crunches 120
squats 70
flutters you go 30
planks 35 seconds, each side, and front
leg raises, 40 seconds
run 5 min
Sprint, 25M, over back over 2X

4 mile walk.

And increase gradually, as shown.

Reason why I don't go back onto this, is because my upper body isn't at phase one level... Which is why I don't just go back to this, but I thought some DEPs etc. may find interest in this, and for those who may be overweight/want to drop a few pounds, I dropped 80lbs in two years from this phase plan.

edited to include:

Final notes, celery and Apples will be big parts of your diet, every meal you eat, eat it with an apple, or a piece of celery, because they are negative calories.

And also, stay away from breaded meats of every kind, deep fried foods, and if possible, eat a salad prior to every meal, IF possible. If not, than eat any forms of veggies/fruits prior to main meal, and drink a large glass of water...

Rice is also good, because the above is mostly for filler.

another edit: Get a weighted backpack if you'd like, to make walking 3+ miles more difficult