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12-11-2007, 11:37
A 2-20 SFG(A) is now allowing non prior service personnel to join the unit through the Active First Program.

Active First works like this: 4 years on Active, to include the Q course, then 4 years in the Guard. Bonuses are like 40-60K over the 8 years.

You have to qualify for the 18X contract which means:

At least 18 with a High School Diploma
No Drug Use
No law violations of any kind (speeding tix ok, so long as they are paid)
PERFECT physical condition
No adverse credit history.

You have to undergo a security clearance screening as well as take the Defense Language Aptitude Battery exam to qualify for language training.

Total process will take at least 2 days at MEPS unless you have already taken the ASVAB and physical.

The following link contains additional information about the 18X program.


PLEASE do research on the Active First program and the 18X program before contacting me.

I have unlimited positions available for this, but limited time to filter through people. Do us all a favor and make sure you FULLY meet the qualifications so you don't waste your time.

--Update: You must ship to training NLT 30 April 2008 for this program

SFC Jordan Murphy

Remington Raidr
12-11-2007, 18:14
I fail on several points, but good on you for going directly to the target audience.:D