View Full Version : A 2/20th SFG Tryouts (MAR 08)

11-27-2007, 12:42
The next unit tryouts are set for 15-16 MAR 08 at the Marseilles Training Center, IL. Call the unit to get put on our distro list IOT get a tryout packet. 708.824.5823
Do not call to give your resume over the phone. We do not care and we are busy. We will evaluate you at the tryouts.

Visit our website for more info.


11-29-2007, 17:14
It was brought to my attention that our outdated website says that you must be in the IL National Guard IOT tryout. Not true. You need to be either in the reserves of some sort or the national guard [this is incase we break you you are covered for an LOD]. If you make it then we do the transfer paperwork after. This includes if you are in the AF Air National Guard, USMC, or US Army Reserves.
To get to most current info on requirements call the unit and we will email an information packet to you. 708.824.5814/5823