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11-27-2007, 08:03
Going to selection after I return from Afghanistan in 08. I have limited internet access now and its very slow, so I am not able to utilize the search function in a timely manner.

Can someone give me some info on NG SF and how to get linked up with a unit? Currently, I am active, but would like to investigate NG option provided I make it through Q course.

Thank you.

The Reaper
11-27-2007, 08:07
I recommend that you begin by following the instructions that you received in your registration message before you start asking for things.

You could also read a few more threads in this forum, which would have taken less time than starting a new thread.

We are looking for self-starters, and people who can take the initiative to get a job done with minimal supervision.

Thank you for your service, and best of luck.