View Full Version : Government Investigating More Than 60 'Phony Soldier' Cases

10-06-2007, 14:24
The federal government is currently conducting more than 60 "stolen valor" investigations of individuals suspected of making false claims about their military records, according to the Department of Veteran's Affairs.


We will have to wait and how this play's out.


tom kelly
10-06-2007, 16:20
I find it amazing and at the same time disgusting to hear the claim that 14 million U S servicemen served in Vietnam when the actual number is Approximately 3.3 million men who served in the Vietnam theater of operations,liars and wannabees are everywhere,RE. The Mayor of Atlantic City,who claimed to be a "Green Beret",but when exposed last week he responded by going AWOL and so far has not turned up.The numbers quoted are from the book "Stolen Valor",by B.G.Burkett and Glenna Whitley.The usual lies from imposters about their service record are,1.The Records are classified,which is bullshit because everything from the Vietnam Era has been declassified and is avaiable thru The Freedom of Information Act.2.Their Records were lost in the fire at The National Personnel Records Center (St.Louis ,Mo.)The fire was on July 12,1973 and the affected records collections destroyed approximately 16-18 million official Military Personnel Files which are described in the following manner.Branch,U S Army Personnel and Period affected,Estimated Loss.The U S Army lost an estimated 80% of military records of Personnel discharged from November 1,1912 to January 1,1960.The Air Force had an estimated loss of 75% of military records of personnel discharged,September 25,1947 to January 1,1964.Source web site www.archives.gov/st-louis/military-personnel/fire-1973.html?template=print 3.Personnel that fall within that time period there is always The Military Finance Center,Pay Division U S Army Indianapolis,Indiana 46249.If you were in the Army than you got paid and your records are there...Regards,tom kelly