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10-04-2007, 19:03
I've searched this site and googled, but I haven't been able to find the APFT extended scale. If anyone has it could you please post it or PM me.

Thank you

10-04-2007, 19:11
1 point for each repetition after the max for p/u's and s/u's in your age group and 1 point for every 6 seconds faster than the max on your run. Keep in mind you have to obtain a 100% in all events to be graded on the extended scale.


10-04-2007, 23:06
Great. Thank you.

10-06-2007, 11:24
- http://550cord.com/products/info.asp?ProductID=7
- http://www.chrishutton.com/pt/
- https://atiam.train.army.mil/soldierPortal/atia/adlsc/view/public/9500-1/fm/21-20/Ch14.htm#14-10
- http://www.armyrotc.ku.edu/fm21_20.pdf
- http://www.armystudyguide.com/content/publications/field_manuals/fm-2120.shtml
- http://www.physicallytrained.com/fm21-20/physical-fitness-training/army-physical-fitness-test-sit-ups.shtml

If I happen across a genie lamp during my travels I'll ask him to grant you the ability to Google more effectively.

10-06-2007, 15:47
X-ray vision would be cool too. If it's not too much trouble do you think you could ask for that also?

10-06-2007, 16:02
Two guys answer your question, and yet you feel the need for a smartass comeback? Good luck! :rolleyes:

10-06-2007, 16:48
I appreciated the responses, and it seems I had missed the information I was looking for on google.

I just thought the lamp comment was funny. I apologize if my response came out the wrong way. I did not mean to offend anyone.