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Curt Geezus
08-24-2007, 10:28
From searching this forum I read that 20th group's main area(sorry not sure what the correct term is) is Europe.

My question is, does this mean you are limited to languages spoken in Europe when you go to language school?

I would assume that they still deploy to the Middle East.

08-24-2007, 10:57
20th Group's AOR is divided by battalion and languages assigned to support stated AOR.

1st Batt: Arabic and French

2nd Batt: French, Russian and Arabic

3rd Batt: Spanish

That being said I dont know of many guys not getting their choice of language providing your DLAB score supports your choice.



08-24-2007, 14:10
u dont get to pick your language. You get a choice of AOR/ or group. Once assigned to your GRP then they will asign you your lang depending on your DLAB. I barely passed english in HS and they gave me russian. Why? Even though my DLAB was super low? Cause it was the easiest lang at 5th .

08-24-2007, 15:16
Guard is different than AD It's like Surgicalcric said it goes buy Bn or mission if your activated for a certain AOR.