View Full Version : Failed the color test at MEPS. Is this it? The end of the road?

Mike Marauder
06-23-2007, 09:33
Yesterday I went too the MEPS to get my physical. As the thread title suggests I failed both the card and the light color tests. My question is, is there any other test or waiver I can get to continue on with the MOS that I wanted, which was 11x option 40.

I never knew that I was color blind in my 19 years of age and from what I did understand about color blindness is that I would be unable to fly a jet. I have done some research on the subject, but I just don't understand WHY I cannot become a Ranger or Special Forces soldier. From my perspective I have always been able to tell the differences between colors. The only difference between me and everyone else is that I see colors in a different shade then the rest of the population.

For me it doesn't make any sense. This is what I have trained myself for physically and mentally. This is the path I wanted to take since I was 14 years old in JROTC and I met my teachers both of whom were ex Rangers and Special Forces.

From what I understand also there are a few of you out there that are SF and color blind. Is there anything that you are unable to do? I just can't understand why I would have any less of a chance of getting through the courses than any other guy next to me. If anything I believe that I as an individual would have more of a chance. All I want is a real shot..:mad:

The Reaper
06-23-2007, 10:07
Have you tried the search button in the upper right corner?

Please use it before starting new threads. This topic has been visited before. Repeatedly.:rolleyes:

You might also do some more searching and reading to discover what we generally tell people who do not meet the physical requirements for SF. In fact, one of the stickies we direct new members to read before posting addresses physical requirements and medical issues.

Best of luck.