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Go For Broke
06-13-2007, 11:26

FYI - Found this while researching some information at work.

Cabin Beach (http://www.cabinbeach.org/).

Would be interested to hear any stories...CSM S. (Ret) has already somewhat told me about the Army brawl...errr, Ball... :D


06-13-2007, 14:01
Talk about some legends...quite a few were elder statesmen in Group, when I arrived in '95. Kinda cool seeing some very successful individuals I know during thier prime.

06-15-2007, 07:11
I was there but do not remember the exact year, 84 or 85 (Senior Moment). 1st Bn verses Marines at Kadena Officer's Club. One Marine hit SFC Freddie's hand with his head when Marine moved towards COL E. Great night for establishing rapport.

06-15-2007, 07:58
Some good pics of the old OG 107s.

Go For Broke
07-23-2009, 20:13
Bump -

Wondering if anyone is planning anything special for the 25th anniversary? Only a month+ away.

I believe that the last of the plank holders, including SGM S. (2/1) and LTC K. (1/7), are still on active duty.


09-02-2009, 17:48
Scanned the photos I had from back then and mailed the hard copies to the PAO. Hope they're of some help.

Team Sergeant
09-02-2009, 20:00
Scanned the photos I had from back then and mailed the hard copies to the PAO. Hope they're of some help.

I burned all mine....:D

09-03-2009, 14:52

I learned a lot from LTC Estep as his "legal eagle". One of my memories is the driver Tom G**** he brought out to Oki as 1/1st stood up. We had talked briefly a couple of times but I had never really gotten a lot of details from Tom.

Anyway, one day one of the lads driving a GOV to Torii got into a traffic accident at Kadena Circle. Way back then, the JNPs were always looking for an excuse to arrest a Tokushubutai so when I got the word I raced over to the scene. Much to my surprise Colonel Estep and Tom were there - they had come upon the accident and stopped.
So I'm trying to bully the cops into a quick release asserting SOFA 'official duty' status and trying to make sure our guy doesn't get arrested. I am also watching what's up, the JNP's have gone 'secure' using local dialect to communicate and are figuring out what to do on behalf of the driver. Tom is standing nearby, just behind the Colonel and his lips are moving. I ease over. As God is my witness, he is translating word-for-word what the JNPs are saying for the Commander. I spoke a lot of Japanese and a little Okinawa hogen, but Tom was doing it like a native speaker.
The JNPs were stuck w/ SOFA status and and all departed. We later paid the claim out of the JAG budget.
But the point of the story: Later I cornered Tom and got the deal. His given name was 'Tetsumo' and his Mom raised him speaking both Japanese and the Nago dialect. Before he PCSed to Oki, Colonel Estep already saw the need and he had found and recruited Tom as his driver just for such a purpose. I had to promise never to let any of the locals know that a 'SOT-A' was doing it's job and he proved to be invaluable time after time.
Thanks for this string and the great memories.
I got a couple of "long haired dictionary" stories, too, but not now.

phil lindley

09-17-2009, 14:33
I burned all mine....:D

I don't think mine were quite as incriminating! :D

09-19-2009, 19:53
Glad to see this post. I was fortunate enough to be selected to be part of the original 60 that helped re-activate 1/1. I was originally on ODA 115 (SCUBA) and our Team Sgt was the "Black Frog"..... We drank the civilian chartered plane dry from Bragg to Alaska........ Advon deployed in Mar 84 and Mainbody flew over in Apr 84.

Thanks for posting this.... brought back a few memories....... :D

Scott Feldman
01-23-2010, 16:27
Hey Gent's,

I was fortunate to get recruited into the battalion early on, when it was simply known as "cabin Beach" by CSM McCloskey, SFC Shimizu, LTC Estep, and SFC Bob Spears. I am so proud to have served in the unit (as a 96B in the S-2 section 1983 through 1985), and deploy to Okinawa! My service in the unit and getting to work along side some of the best and most professional soldiers in the world has had a resounding effect on me ever since, by making me strive to be the best at anything I do in life. I would love to reconnect with the guys I worked with in the S-2 section back then...SFC Bob Spears, Capt Gary Johnson, Sgt Conly Collins, Sgt Jeff Wood, and Sgt Jim Stratton. If anyone knows how to contact any of them, and can forward me the info, I would certainly appreciate it! Thank's, Scott

01-23-2010, 16:59
Anybody know when 'Charlie Tuna' became known as 'Black Frog'??? :confused: