View Full Version : Minnesota Thermal Science Awarded Special Forces Contract for "Factor VII" Combat Por

05-01-2007, 22:17
I'm no 18D, but check this out.......


05-03-2007, 07:22
Now the question isn't so much "can we?" but "should we?"

So far I've seen some mixed-quality evidence with conflicting results on NovoSeven. There seem to be some recent small retrospective studies that are promising. I haven't seen very much evidence on use when surgical bleeding control is significantly delayed, as it would be in the environment far afield.

There is also the complicating factor of cost. With a cost in the civilian world of about $40,000 for the protocol (200mcg/kg initially, followed by 2 doses each of 100mch/kg), is it cost effective to outfit the SOF medics with it? From a quality-control standpoint, you may want to discard any dose that went out into the field rather than return it to the CSH for use when they come back.

I'd love to hear what our surgical colleagues Doc T and Swatsurgeon would have to say on the issue, as they are no doubt more familiar with it than I am.


05-04-2007, 10:36
there is no reson for giveing novoseven if there is no traumatic coagulopathy, it will only give you more SE.