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04-19-2007, 14:16
I wish to enlist in the Army's 18x program and it says I need a secret security clearance, but im not sure if i will qualify, i had a misdameanor charge that was sealed and expunged when i was 14 but i dont if it will affect it, how could I find out?

04-19-2007, 14:22
The fact that it is expunged and sealed allows you to deny it in public life but not for a Security Clearance. Appears that you were a juvenile...

Do not lie to the investigators about it or fail to disclose it on your questionaire.

Depending on the actual charges it could have an negative outcome but I doubt it as it is a misdemeanor. You never know though.

The Reaper
04-19-2007, 14:28
Have you read all of the stickies here and used the Search button?


04-19-2007, 14:32
Sir, I have searched and found what I was looking for, thanks for your time!