View Full Version : 338 LapMag, any reoading advice...

03-01-2007, 05:26
Hello, shooting a Sako TRG for about a year now, only at 100yds, so a waste in essence, but always looking for some tips. Have a chance to shoot up near Tampa at 500yds, so still a waste, but getting better. Using Lap and Norma brass and the 250 SMKs and Scenars due to 1:10" twist. Good luck with H-4831SC and VV 165/170 so far.

Thanks, Chris

03-18-2007, 17:55
While I don't own a .338 Lapua personally, I have been reading and doing a lot of research about them. I got a nice LH Rem 700 donor long action I am thinking bout using for a future build. I have heard plenty of guys I know come up with a lot of different loads. If you are interested in them I'll get a recipe and send it on over too you. Like I said, no personal experience, but have friends who do it religiously. Let me know.