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02-20-2007, 09:24
Site dedicated to the Pilots, Crew, and Passengers who gave their lives in the line of duty.

Army Air Crews (http://www.armyaircrews.com/index.html)

Click on an airframe and scan down. Includes some pics (non-graphic) of A/C and/or pax. Honors our SF brethren among others.

MH- series A/C fall under their UH/CH/OH category.



02-20-2007, 10:26
God Bless them! I flew with a lot of those guys!


02-20-2007, 10:41
Someone has gone to a lot of effort to make this site, and it is appreciated...But there is misinformation stated as fact. Probably doesn't matter now.

I was on this mission, no South Vietnamese CIDG's were inserted, 75 Nung Mercs's were inserted, they died to a man on that LZ! Jim Hargrove was a good man, who had been a Naval Aviator, Korea I think. He wanted to serve his country so he resigned his commission and went through Army Flight School, Ray Nutter was the AC on that aircraft. The aircraft crashed in the U Minh forest! Nutter and his crew E and E'd all night, and were rescued the next morning.

18 OCT 66

CW2 James W. Hargrove [CP]
3 crewmembers injured


121 AHC
A/C was inserting a South Vietnamese CIDG force when heavy fire hit the cockpit. A/C crashed inverted in swampy woooded area.

02-20-2007, 10:45
Another sad day! Dadante was a good man!

09 SEP 65

CW2 Robert W. Reagan [AC]
1LT Leonard J. Dadante [CP]
SP5 Erich Simkaitis [CE]
PFC Harry A. Hipke [G]


A/101 AVN
On a check ride, A/C took fire low level that seriously wounded the crew chief. Successfully landing the Huey 150 meters from VC lines, Dadante carried wounded CE 30 meters from the aircraft. Despite being wounded himself by enemy fire, he retrieved an M-60 machine gun with ammunition from his helicopter and maintained a defensive position long enough for a rescue helicopter to land and for him to carry his critically injured crew chief to safety. Dadante died as a result of his injuries on 9 September 1965.

02-20-2007, 11:00
I didn't like to wear mine either! Good kid!

10 JAN 66

SP4 Hugh F. Spain [CE]


A/101 AVN
Killed by a single 30 cal in chest on a scramble mission to an outpost that was being over run near Soc Trang. CE was not wearing a chest protector.

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I am stopping for now, I could be doing this all day...And then I would be walking around in a bad mood, life's too short for that!

Maybe we need a "Combat Aviation" forum?

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"Army helicopter Pilots are God's lunatics."



And dear friend!

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Excellent site, I know a few people who need to know about this.

For what it is worth:

COL Jerald L. Thompson, 20 Jan 95 (Blackhawk shot down by F-15s who mistook the flight of two as Hind-Ds) was the 5th Group Commander. He left 45 days earlier for SATMO. He was shot down over the Southern Watch no-fly-zone.

MAJ Geoffrey B. Sherrill, 27 Feb 96 (struck in the head by the Blackhawk's main rotor at a hot refueling point) was the 3rd SFGA Surgeon.

I didn't see it (maybe because they were passengers) but several Ranger buddies fell off the ramp of an MH-53 when the aircraft came into the LZ at Eglin at a mach-snot rate and when he suddenly stopped, the nose of the aircraft went skyward, the tail dipped down and 4 Rangers who were spiral-staircasing the fast rope fell out and died.

As I you said, someone went to a lot of trouble to create this site; here's to him!

02-22-2007, 18:41
I know too many names on that site ... God Bless them all