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04-12-2004, 12:04
(note: Not trying to draw attention/bad publicity here)

Team Sergeant...I was a little worried this morning that I had done something wrong, since the Admins changed the little line under my name.
But, thanks to some assistance, (thanks Ambush),
I found out I was OK!!!
Now, after reading the the definition below...I am jumping up and down here, and so excited!!!!

I promise to do my best Sir, and not let PS.com down.

THANK YOU for letting me be a little tiny guest here. :D


"Auxiliary --- The Auxiliary provides logistical support to the resistance movement . Auxiliary units may contain communications ,material support, transportation, and other units whose mission is to provide logistics support to the resistance. The Auxiliary may at times conduct limited combat operations in order to support actions undertaken by the guerrilla force."
Quoted from TR on another thread.