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01-18-2007, 13:32
I'm at one of the 3 major trauma meetings and several of the military docs are here, just back from the sandbox. We were discussing several issues (pre-CSH, operative and post operative care) of blast injuries, major hemorrhages, tourniquets, etc and they all agreed that the accumulation of valuable medical information is great....except the pre-CSH/field information that their registry just isn't getting from the ground medics.
This leaves a great void in the ability to better understand wound dynamics and the continuum of care once the medic turns it over to the trauma docs.
It goes without saying that time for paperwork comes last, but I was suprised that a better system to get this information has not been developed yet...even after action debriefs.
The info coming out of the medical facilities in theater is invaluable to us in the civilian world. We are better prepared to teach and do when we learn from those on the 'front line' treating the injured.
Thre is a new program in Germany at Lundstal Hospital where civilian 'senior' Trauma surgeons are spending 4 weeks operating, teaching, rounding, etc......I tried to get on the list, but it was so popular that they are filled well into next year....I am calling in a few favors to try and get bumped up the list, my boss' (work as well as wife agreed to the 4 weeks) I would like to do/give my part to those that serve and care for them as I have been trained to do.
I am amazed at how few Trauma trained surgeons there are caring for the acutely injured. Those there are capable but the extra training can pay dividents in certain cases.

Back to the main point....info from the 18D's and others on the ground is needed. I (we) appreciate all that you are doing under the circumstances you are doing it. Share the info when and where you can...please pass this on to any medic in theater.