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12-31-2006, 22:59
Giving credit where it is due...most of you know I'm involved as an instuctor with the International School of Tactical Medicine, formally known as the H&K tac-med school, we've have tried to learn as much from our brothers in arms as possible to create a civilian education that gets its basis from the military...they have learned and grown from a vast experience and we have learned right behind them to help SWAT teams and the like provide medical care to our officers and civilians, that has as its origin, the military medic.
We have just become certified as the only school/group to be certified by Dept. of Homeland Security, P.O.S.T. certified and based in a law enforcement department, i.e., the real deal...
As always, i have to thank all those here that have contributed to my fund of knowledge and I always give credit to those that serve.
We're excited because of the doors to the military that this hopefully will open, so that more of us share training and information that helps more people here and abroad. The following news brief just showed up.....for those that are now engaged in medical care with special teams (civilian), grant dollars can now be used for training.
As I learned form the SF here, you figure out the posers and wanna be's in this arena also. There are 42 different tac-med 'schools' out there...let the buyer beware....we must be doing something right.

Special Announcement From The California Office Of Homeland Security

In cooperation with the California Commission on Peace Officers Standards and
Training (POST) and the International School of Tactical Medicine, we proudly
announce the approval of the first federally approved SWAT Medic training
program in the United States.

The Tactical Emergency Medicine Basic and Advanced Courses are now approved
to receive United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Grants
and Training funds, allowing state and local law enforcement, fire, EMS
agencies, and hospitals to attend the training using DHS grant monies to pay for
tuition, overtime, meals, lodging and associated backfill costs. While the
classes are approved for the use of these funds at the federal level, each state's
training point of contact must also approve the use of the funds for officers
to attend the course(s).

These courses help set a national standard for training SWAT medical team
personnel and appear in the Grants and Training State Approved Course Catalog.

These courses are the most advanced, comprehensive and challenging courses to
be offered to law enforcement SWAT teams. Students will work with experienced
instructors and with the most technologically advanced equipment and gear
available so they become intimately familiar with tools currently available and
those that will be available in the future.

The curriculum of the five-day Basic Tactics and Medicine (BTM) Course (CA
024-RESP and ODP 060510-04R) integrates both tactical and medical instruction
and covers core content and fundamentals of tactical medicine. The tactical
instructors have years of experience in law enforcement and military special
operations as tactical team leaders and tactical operators.

The medical instructors are residency trained and board certified physicians
in emergency medicine, surgery and critical care medicine and are also active
on SWAT teams as emergency medical providers. All medical faculty have prior
law enforcement training and experience and are graduates of numerous SWAT
schools, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation SWAT school. The medical
instructors hold faculty appointments at teaching hospitals and medical schools.

The Advanced Tactics and Medicine (ATM) Course (CA 025-RESP and ODP
060510-05R) is part two of the two-week, 80 hour + overall training program. This
course was specifically designed to provide tactical medical personnel from
military and law-enforcement agencies with additional training and skills in both
tactics and advanced medical care. The advanced course is built upon the
fundamentals which are taught in the BTM Course.

The five-day ATM course covers current tactical-medical topics such as
biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction, radiation injury management,
pediatric trauma, blast injuries, environmental injuries, less lethal weapons,
trauma anesthesia, advanced airway management and medical assessment and
treatment under darkness and low light conditions.

For additional course information please visit: www.tacticalmedicine.com

SPECIAL NOTE: California responders who register for the training using
Homeland Security Grant Funds will also need to visit the following web site and
complete the California Training Request Form. This form will provide the
responder with the tracking number the grant section will need to process your
agencies reimbursement: www.calguard.ca.gov/cajs-hs/training_homepage.htm

All other states may have a similar process using the Non-SLGCP reporting

I owe alot to those here who have helped me learn and to pass on that education. This is NOT an advertisement; I am not looking for students but to help people understand the education the military medics have provided us in the civilian world...and that it pays off


12-31-2006, 23:57
Congratulations SS. Sounds like last year's hard work will pay off in the new year. Peregrino

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01-01-2007, 08:10
Congrats Doctor!!!

01-01-2007, 11:12
I enjoyed taking both basic and advanced courses.
It was a wealth of knowledge and great hands on stuff.
You guys worked real hard to keep it up do date and lifelike. We (the students) had no doubt you were going to get full accreditation with the level of training we were receiving. Congrats

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01-01-2007, 11:26
I enjoyed taking both basic and advanced courses.
It was a wealth of knowledge and great hands on stuff.
You guys worked real hard to keep it up do date and lifelike. We (the students) had no doubt you were going to get full accreditation with the level of training we were receiving. Congrats

Congrats Syd!!

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Congrats Syd. :lifter

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Congrats Doctor!