View Full Version : 3 degree less of wrist movement affect me in the field?

12-24-2006, 15:18
A month ago i broke both my wrists, and have full use with my right and all but 3 degrees upward movement with my left hand. In the field would this be a limitation that could effect me severely such as putting my life or somebody elses life in severe jepordy? Thank you for answering my question, and even if you don't reply to it, thank you for taking the time to atleast read it.

Christopher White

12-24-2006, 15:48
Im not an 18D but I'd have to ask 3 deg. from where, what angle?

My left and right wrists are about 15 deg. off in up down range. The Left is much more flexible.


Sitting here eyeballing my wrists against the door molding.

12-24-2006, 16:31
like when your bending your hand palm out ward. Its only like 12 degrees from 15, and I am left handed. Its mainly caused by a partial bone replacement and a hinge to hold 2 fragemets of bone together. And i forgot to mention some rotational movement like doing palms up i hype extand my hand instead of rotating my wrist.

The Reaper
12-24-2006, 21:03
I am not a physician, but as we direct people in the stickies, AR 40-501 has the definitive answer in these cases.


12-24-2006, 21:41
I will add one other important side note-
Trauma to extremities involving neuro can require fairly long recovery periods before final loss of range of motion can be determined. In the trauma that you experienced, the loss in range of motion could be due to several different causes. FWIW, I would inquire with my ortho doc about all the possible causes. Some testing can be done to rule in/out the possible etiologies. For instance, sometimes it is as simple as the nerves supplying those muscles are simply not completely "repaired" past the site of trauma from your accident. As the nerve and muscles return to the original function, the ROM is returned to normal. I would recommend getting follow-up care/neuro testing done/rehab. Long term- you may not have a deficit.

Example: My wife JUST went through a similar type radial/ulnar fracture from an equestrian accident OCT 09, 2006. She experienced complete paralysis of most the extension musculature in her left forearm/wrist for 6-7 weeks with no improvement. Follow-up neuro testing, surgery options including tendon transfers,etc were discussed during this time. We decided to wait it out a little. In a matter of a four day period about two weeks ago, she regained almost all of the ROM/function back. Sometimes, a little time is the best medicine when healing from neuro trauma. Good luck