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12-19-2006, 16:35
Hello Sir,

I have been a member for about a week now and I have spent several hours on the "search button" and I have read just about every sticky. This site has a wealth of info that has been very helpful.

I have 2 current goals one being SF and the other OCS. At this point the window for SF is closing, I am 27 and it is do or die, yet I want to be an officer also. After reading a lot dealing with OCS and SF, it seems to be a situation of "having your cake and eating it at the same time".

I would like to get some of the experienced guys’ suggestions on this topic. I am leaning heavily toward going Rep 63 now, and if I make it become an officer later down the road well past the "25 yard dash". If I don’t make it in SF then fall back on the OCS program.

So, I pose 2 questions to you. 1. Rep 63 vs OCS pros and cons? 2. Your Overall opinion of the rep 63 program again pros and cons?

Again thank you for your valuable time and resource, Sir

Specialist Odem

I would like very much to speak with someone who has been in the NG Rep 63 program. Please contact me at your convenience.

12-19-2006, 16:56
You might want to start here.....

12-19-2006, 18:06
Specialist Odem...

You are not representing the Alabama NG very well with the last two posts you have made here. The subjects you are asking for input on have been discussed here several times over. Try the search function again; if you look hard enough you will find them.

As for your wanting to be both SF and an Officer, while you can do both your mind must be set at one or the other as the immediate target. Neither should be a contingency plan, as both demand your utmost dedication.

I am a REP-63 and am also from Aco 1/20th SFG(A). I will be more than happy to entertain whatever questions you have about either the REP-63 program or NGSF, provided they are focused and have been researched before hand.

(Been taking mentoring lessons from NDD)

12-19-2006, 18:07
went to SFQC, been to OCS...my advice? life's short, you're 27, make a decision...:rolleyes:

12-19-2006, 21:10
I appreciate the respone everyone...

12-27-2006, 09:26
In a effort to be a more active memeber here, here goes....

I agree with all the advice above, both OCS and SF are tremendous career decisions. OCS I know, because I am currently a candidate, and although I am not a member of SF it's obviously a huge commitment to your career.

The contigency planning is what I think you might be misguided on. Speaking as a candidate going through just the state program now until the Benning course classes up in March, OCS is a hell of a commitment, a whole lot of extracurricular love time involved to be successful. While not SF, they are training you to lead men, ideally into combat. Can you go OCS and then SF? My unit told me I would have a better chance spreading world peace single handedly, as they will not send me (this is ARNG though), but on the other hand I know a Lt. who went through SFAS while in college, deployed with us, and last I heard is now back active duty with the SF.

Bottom line, anything is obviously possible, but pick a goal and dont compromise it for greener grass on the other side. Both are very worthy goals, and neither should be taken lightly. You may get to do both, just adjust your plan according to your endstate (get used to hearing that). Army needs GOOD officers just like it needs good SF guys. Good luck to you.