View Full Version : 1st SFGA 63rd Menton Day activities

Trip_Wire (RIP)
10-25-2006, 13:06
Here are the list of activities:

Tuesday, 5 December 2006
1500hrs-1700 Wreath Laying and Opening Ceremony: 1st SFG (A) Memorial Wall Immediately following informal reception of Canadian Participants (Fort Lewis)
1830hrs- No Host Social at 1st SFG (A) Golf Club (Fort Lewis)

Wednesday 6 December 2006
1100-1900: ODA & Canadian (PPCLI) Static Displays (Fort Lewis)
1300-UTC: Combined Airborne Operation (McChord Air Force Base)

Thursday 7 December 2006
0900-1300: Rifle and Pistol Shooting Competition, Range 44 (Fort Lewis)
1100-1300: Jane Wayne Shooting event, Range 45 (Fort Lewis)
1500-1700: BBQ Lunch, Group DFAC (Fort Lewis)

Friday 8 December 2006
0900hrs- First Annual SFG (A) Menton Day 5K Run (Fort Lewis)
1645hrs- Social Call (bars open) (Tacoma Convention Center)
1745hrs- Receiving Line (Tacoma Convention Center)
1835hrs- Mess Call (Tacoma Convention Center)