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Ambush Master
10-20-2006, 21:06
Any recomendations or advice on using Registry Cleaning Software??

Also, any preferable software??

Many Thanks.

10-20-2006, 21:43

I've been happily using free CCleaner. It's listed as a top five on cnet's download site (http://www.download.com/Best-free-security-and-spyware-software/1200-2023_4-5163183.html?tag=hed).

I had been cleaning my tracks manually in Firefox and Explorer, then running Ad-Aware and SpyBot. Now, after I run CCleaner, Ad-Aware and Spybot always come up clean.

For deeper cleaning of remnants of deleted applications, etc., - which might be what you are looking for - check these out (http://www.download.com/System-Utilities/3150-2094_4-0.html?tag=dir), if you haven't already seen this section.

The Reaper
10-20-2006, 21:46
I have CC as well, but it do not think it repairs registries.


10-20-2006, 21:57
I have CC as well, but it do not think it repairs registries.

Right, Sir. I figured he might be looking for more after I typed that. The programs in the second link would be more appropriate for repair and cleaning.

10-21-2006, 08:49
I've personally never heard a technically proficient computer person recommend a registry cleaner. Why? The registry is a very complex system of settings and, if corrupted, can bring down your entire operating system. It is generally not advisable to run a 3rd party app on something as fickle as the windows registry. Below is a link that supports my recommendation that you avoid these 'registry cleaners':

A quote from the article:
The Registry is an enormous database and all this “Cleaning” really doesn’t amount to much…I’ve said this before, but I liken it to “sweeping out one parking space in a parking lot the size of Montana” … a registry “tweak” here and there is desirable or even necessary sometimes, but random “cleaning”, especially for the novice, is inviting disaster.