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09-11-2006, 04:32
Utah family is dealing with the kind of news no family ever wants to hear. A suicide car bomb in Iraq killed at least 22 people this morning, two of them Americans, one of them from the Salt Lake Valley.

Twenty-seven-year old Brandon Thomas was working as a security contractor when that bomb detonated and killed him.

Steve Thomas: “My son, my ex-wife, and her husband were on the doorstep and I knew immediately what the problem was.”

Call it a father’s intuition, a gut feeling, a 6th sense. Steve Thomas just knew he'd never hear his son Brandon say, 'I Love You,' again.

Steve Thomas: “I never thought it would be my son. It’s always somebody else’s, but this time that’s not ture.”

Brandon Thomas was killed while protecting dignitaries in Iraq Saturday morning. His convoy was attacked, leaving at least 22 people dead.

Carol Thomas Young, Brandon’ Mother: “He knew he was having a very big deal coming up.”

Carol Thomas Young just spoke to her son last night. Even though he was a member of the Utah National Guard's 19th Special Forces, Thomas was in Iraq working as a contracted security officer. He found out his unit wasn't going to be deployed, so he decided to deploy on his own, anything to help bring peace.

The necklace he gave his mother is a reminder of his mission.

Carol Thomas Young: “De oppresso libro, excuse me if I messed it up, but it means, ‘freedom to the oppressed.’”

It was something Thomas believed in with all his heart ever since seeing what happened in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania three years ago.

Carol Thomas Young: “We were glued to the television all day long and I think that’s the first thing he wanted to do, was go enlist.”

It's the kind of civic duty he was born with -- his mother a Marshall, his dad a retired Salt Lake County sheriff's deputy, his brother a deputy too.

Andy Thomas, Brandon's Brother: “Brandon was probably the best guy I’ve ever known. He’s always been there for me to look out for me.”

Carol Thomas Young: “I know where he is. It makes it tough here without him, but I knew I’ll see him again.”

Alex Cabrero Reporting on KLS TV

I've known about Brandon for some time, but many of the guys we were in training with do not. I thought I would post this thread to put the info out there. He was intelligent and always willing to lend a hand even if no one wanted him to. I will always remember the fond memories he gave us even when the SUCK showed it's ugly face.