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09-05-2006, 15:43

I ask your prayers for a family, dear to me since childhood. Mick Bekowsky was my childhood best friend from an early age. We played together until High School, when I joined the Army and he stayed on to go to College.

I came home from Afghanistan in 2002, and Mick informed me he was joining the Marine Corps to fight the good fight. He was so proud and I was so proud of him.

On September 07, 2004, I received a call from my mother, telling me his grandmother had called her, just moments prior.

They had just received official notification that Mick Bekowsky had been Killed in Action in Al Fallujah, Iraq, due to an IED. THis was his second tour to Iraq and he was three weeks from coming home.

He died proudly, however, knowing the risk he made and courageously accepting it for God and Country and Countrymen. He is a true Hero and I'm honored to have been his friend.

06 September 2006 marks the second anniversary of his death. I ask that you take a moment of meditation or prayer and direct your thoughts towards the safety and victory of our troops and our Country's leaders.

Blue Skies, Marine and Friend.

09-05-2006, 17:52
RIP CPL Bekowsky.

F, you and his family/friends are in my prayers.

Goggles Pizano
09-05-2006, 18:46
Rest in peace Marine!

09-05-2006, 19:18
Rest In Peace

09-05-2006, 20:06
Rest in Peace

09-06-2006, 16:01
Rest in Peace, Prayers to you Mav, sorry for your personal loss!

x SF med
09-06-2006, 16:29
Semper Fi, Marine. RIP.

Roguish Lawyer
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09-06-2006, 17:14
Rest in Peace Cpl Bekowsky.
Our Prayers & thanks go to you Mav, & to Cpl Bekowsky's family. I do believe God has a special place for warriors & selfless servants.

Remembering 2 yrs later.......Semper Fidelis


09-06-2006, 17:21
Blue skies!

Rest In Peace!

The Reaper
09-06-2006, 17:29
RIP, Marine.

Semper Fi!


09-06-2006, 18:40
Thank you all, very much. Both for your consideration and your own selfless service to our Country. It is not forgotten and never will be.

Thank you.

09-06-2006, 20:38