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08-24-2006, 14:21
I'm getting ready to clear Fort Stewart to PCS to Fort Bragg for the Q Qourse. When I met with Division Levy last week, I was told I'd need to reenlist Active Duty until late 2010 before they will even let me clear.

Plan A for me is to finish the Q and serve out my remaining Active time, then go Guard SF and enroll in medical school. My current ETS is 29 JAN 09, six months after my projected Q Course end date of 4 SEP 08.

Plan B, right now, is I stay Active, save some money, and see where I'm at in five years.

So far I have spoken to Enlistment and Readiness NCOs from B 2-19, as well as a Guard SF Liason NCO at Bragg. No one has told me that my Plan A is impossible, but I still don't have a concrete way to make it happen, either.

The Liason NCO at Ft. Bragg told me he has seen it happen before; he says it's about a one-in-ten shot that I could do it.

I asked the ps.com search button about "guard ets" and "time waive", but he didn't tell me much.

What I'm thinking right now is I can sign a statement with Levy at Ft. Stewart that I won't reenlist (it isn't a DEC statement because I'm still on my first enlistment); when that happens, the ball is in SWCS's court about whether to admit me. In that case, all I need to do is square it beforehand with the right guy at Bragg. Any idea who?


The Reaper
08-24-2006, 14:41

There is a requirement that you have a certain retainability after completing the SFQC. Basically, we are not going to spend what it costs to send a guy through the SFQC to have him leave AD within a year or two. With less than a couple of years left at the end of the SFQC (IF you make it), it isn't going to happen.

Frankly, to consider going to the SFQC with only six months of service obligation remaining after a due course graduation (even if you could) and leaving for med school makes me question your dedication to SF. SF is not a stepping stone to bigger and better things, it is a way of life that requires dedication that you clearly lack.

It ain't about you. It is about the team. Given what you are considering, I recommend that you stay in your current CMF and ETS IAW your current separation date on your way to Med School. We wouldn't want to get in the way of your subsequent careers. Leave SF to those who want to be on an ODA as long as they can.


I recommend that you tell these kids that if they are coming to the SFQC to check a block and collect the tab on their way out, that they kindly not waste our time and just stay where they are till they ETS.

Some people are clearly coming here for all the wrong reasons.


08-24-2006, 15:13

I did put myself first and have no excuse for that. I'm going with Plan B.

Thanks for the reality check,

08-24-2006, 17:38
Plan A is impossible.

By regulation:

AR 614-200, para 5-5 (f): Upon successful completion of the SFQC, service remaining obligation for CMF 18 is 24 months.

It takes much longer than 24 months to build a dependable Operator that can be trusted to conduct demanding operations in hostile environments. Thats why your Commander will have the right to revoke your SF Tab, through DSOP, if you fail to complete 36 months SFODA Team Time prior to ETS.

By the way, the "right guy" at Bragg is Major General Parker, the Special Forces Proponent. He wont do it.

Either you want to be a member of our Regiment or you dont. If you don't, thats fine. Just dont waste our Instructors time with it.