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Black Beard
08-20-2006, 11:07
At 35 yrs. old and going into SF training I know statistically odds are probably staked against me-true or not?? I have no doubts at all about the mental aspects, and only worry about my physical success do to injuries. I've always stayed physically fit in the most unorthodox of ways and have researched SF lifestyle and training as far as possible through priors and own research. I am really looking forward to training with and being a part of these great individuals. Any helpful hints or opinions would greatly appreciated. Thanks for any feedback!!

Matta mile
08-20-2006, 12:17
Hello Blackbeard,
Seems like you definately have a few challnges ahead of you!

I commend your desire to serve at increased levels of distinction and commensurate contribution however, if you are physically incapable or, have to rely on meds that may influence your decision making, you may best serve your family, prospective team mates and self by withdrawing and redirecting your intentions and energies.
The mental and physical challenges of the course are high. The mental and physical challenges of being a contributing and reliable member of a team are typically very high as well.
Take a good hard and long term look at things and go from there.

In any event best of luck to you!