View Full Version : Snap Caps for weapons manipulation drills

Endorphin Rush
08-14-2006, 15:41
I've been using Snap Caps for doing dry fire weapons manipulation drills for some time now. I recently purchased more from Brownells and read a comment on their site that stated that Snap Caps should not be used for such due to the fact that they "do not weigh/balance the same as real ammunition".

The weapon I'm using is a 1911. I am familiar with the problems associated with returning the slide to battery on an empty chamber.

Is there anyone with experience that can verify or deny that any damage will result to a 1911 by using Snap Caps for such drills????

Thanks for all replies!!!

Endorphin Rush
08-14-2006, 19:28
My apologies...I looked into this further and learned that the above quote was in reference to them being used as dummies for function testing. No worries. :o