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07-26-2006, 20:44
I just did some checking on a question and found that the final reunion of FSSF Veterans will be...

Aug 16-19, 2006 - FSSF Association Reunion - Helena, MT

The last one on Canadian soil was last year, this will be the final reunion.

The only articles I could find relating to it.



Did not know if anyone here knew of this.

07-26-2006, 22:21
This one is going to be a large to do. My company is sending a large contingent with the static displays and the MFF team will be jumping along with some static line drops.

Mick Strider
09-11-2006, 15:22
i was able and honored to attend.

It was pretty cool…..sorry if I sound disappointed.

I was incredibly honored to be allowed to attend. There were WAY more alumni than I would have thought in attendance.
To be honest it was overwhelming. My hosts were not only good friends, but heroes of mine, the Honorees heroes to us all.

Additionally, my adult friends (Duane and John) were unable to make it, so I picked up my son and dragged his un-knowing ass along. Im sure in twenty years he’ll be glad he was there for more than the fly fishing.

The event was small, but larger than I anticipated, and VERY well done. Helena was sold out, which surprised me.

My disappointment was in the lack of EVERYTHING!

Why are the FSSF paying for their own tiny little museum?
Why did they pay for their own ceremony?
WHY oh fucking WHY was my companies $2000 donation towards making a FSSF book the largest (by far) that they received? SO much larger that they thought it was a mistake….

Ten more years and these guys are all gone…..even those that came back volunteered to not….and what have we done for them?.....not you folks of course….but America.

Sorry about my snivel session

On the up side….i got to shake the hands of a shit load of super heroes!!!!!
“Hello Sir, you remember Mick Strider….?”
“OH…..the knife guy! Glad to see ya again”

Pretty cool having the FSSF know you as “the knife guy”….:)

Hope your all well
Thanks for your service


The Reaper
09-11-2006, 18:51
Well done Mick!

Thanks to you and your company for your generous assistance. I wish I had a better answer to your questions.

Good man!


Trip_Wire (RIP)
09-11-2006, 23:34
To the Heritage and the Black Devils of the FSSF!


09-12-2006, 07:10
You're a good man Mick.

09-12-2006, 08:04
It now seems it will not be the last reunion.


Related articles to the FSSF, a little confusing is some articles dated 2002 comment on the 60th and final reunion.








Mick Strider
09-12-2006, 10:52
Your all very kind....but i didn't really do much.

The FSSF was kind enough to bless my V42....i just sold one and gave them the money.....really kind of miniscule if you think about it.

Hope your all well.