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03-25-2004, 18:49

Spam takes Filipino palates by storm
It may sound like a bad comedy sketch but a restaurant specializing in Spam - the much maligned tinned pork product - has opened in the Philippines.

It is doing a roaring trade in variations on pressed meat.

Located at the upscale Ayala Center shopping mall in the financial district of Makati, "Spamjam" has been a rousing success since its soft opening in December.

Managing director Philip Abadilla says it looks to do even better since its formal opening in late February.

He says he has already been approached with numerous requests to franchise Spamjam.

Hormel Foods, the US firm that originally produced Spam, hopes to eventually set up branches in other Spam-eating regions like South Korea and South-East Asia.

"It only shows that people really like Spam, whether they are at home or outside," Mr Abadilla said.

Located not far from a restaurant offering California nouvelle cuisine, Spamjam is decorated to resemble a movie house snack counter to appeal to the mall's cinema crowds.

The menu is definitely one of a kind: There is a Spam hero sandwich, Spam club sandwich, Spam spaghetti, Spam macaroni, Spam potato chowder, bean soup with Spam, Spam Caesar salad, Spam poppers and Spam meals with rice for the Filipino palate.

The only items not containing Spam are the French fries and the hotdogs.

Spam has spread around the world since it was developed in 1937.

It was a source of protein for Allied soldiers in World War II and Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev was quoted as saying "Without Spam, we wouldn't have been able to feed our army."

But Spam has also garnered an unfavourable reputation as a poor substitute for fresh meat, and jokes circulate about Spam being used to repair the soles of shoes.

The biggest insult came when the ubiquitous unsolicited e-mail advertisements that clog the Internet were labelled "spam".

-- AFP

03-25-2004, 20:45
I like Filipinos.

Roguish Lawyer
03-25-2004, 20:55
Originally posted by NousDefionsDoc
I like Filipinos.

Me too. Good workers. LOL

03-25-2004, 21:32
Would I get banned if I said....ewwwww gross? :munchin

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Ambush Master
03-25-2004, 21:42
Hell, I like SPAM (The non-Internet Type). In Hawaii, and probably the PI, Spam was the main source of "Meat Protein" during WW II. There are 4-Star Restauraunts in HI whose specialty is SPAM !!!

Like Nuoc Mam, if you haven't tried it when used/prepared properly.....DON'T Knock it !!

03-25-2004, 21:44
Have you ever tried Nuoc Mam on Spam?

Ambush Master
03-25-2004, 21:51
Yes in fact, with Eggs, Onion, Shrooms , Peppers !! We use it all the time !! REALLY GOOD STUFF, but you'd have to be an original 5th Gp type to really appreciate it. And yes, Air did get it from me !! PM me with your Addy and I'll send you a complimentary bottle !!! :D

( I need to start checking CFR 49, is this stuff Haz-Mat ??)


03-26-2004, 08:42
NDD is there something you want to tell the rest of the group? I prefer Filipinna's and leave the Fillipino's to those who persue an alternative lifestyle:D

Team Sergeant
03-26-2004, 09:38
Originally posted by Gypsy
Would I get banned if I said....ewwwww gross? :munchin

Not at all, but I am thinking of banning NDD and Ambush Master.

We've really got to stop this discussion of potted meat products. Isn't it a crime to mention Spam in the great state of Texas?


Team Sergeant

03-26-2004, 09:42
SPAM and Ritz crackers are good field rations. Vienna sausages are staples on drilling rigs. Both will keep almost indefinitely.

Better than the double nickle rations from Sal - a loaf of bread and jar of mayonaise per squad. LOL

Team Sergeant
03-26-2004, 10:01
Yup that’s what I want to eat, a potted meat product that may be twenty years old with a shelf life that can be measured in radioactive half life.

A good field ration includes Texas Beef Jerky made from a cow.

Check out the link below, but be forewarned, do not read the information concerning potted meat products while eating.


03-27-2004, 11:41
Thanks Team Sergeant!! Just in time for my lunch! :eek:

03-30-2004, 21:04
Watch it Tank Boy!

03-30-2004, 21:31
OK, so since I am a Filipino does that mean NDD actually likes me????:eek:

But onto the topic. I saw on Food Network a show about the origins of SPAM. Apparently, Mr. Hormel realized that after the pork shoulder used for their canned hams had been processed into hams, there was still alot of meat left on the bones. Not wanting to waste it (and obviously trying to get the most product as possible) he gave an employee of his the task of figuring out what to do with the left over but more difficult to trim meat. After some effort the employee managed to come up with an efficient way to trim off the meat, grind it like hamburger, season it, then stuff it into the can where the product was cooked, "sterilized", and packed in one process. So in actuality (if the story is true) SPAM is not some gross mix of poor quality or odd meats.

Now, because it was processed in this manner it became popular in areas where refrigeration was scarce and/or the climate was not conducive to the storage of fresh meat such as tropical islands like the Philippines and Hawaii......which not so coincidentally had large numbers of U.S. military personnel.

Personally, I like fried spam slices with scrambled eggs, white rice, and a sprinkling of patis (Filipino version of nuoc mam).....oh and before Gypsy gives another "ewww gross" (LOL), considering Household 6 (who can be picky) actually likes the combination too, it can't be all that bad.

So folks that should be more information about SPAM than anyone cares about (or should have)........plus one cannot forget that Monty Python even has the SPAM Song!

03-30-2004, 21:38

Need I say more.

03-30-2004, 21:42
You will eat much worse Crip, in the coming days. If you are lucky.:munchin

03-30-2004, 21:56
Its that jelly type substance that freaks me out. lol

Meat is not suppose to make that slurry sound either.

03-30-2004, 22:07
Originally posted by Ghostrider

Personally, I like fried spam slices with scrambled eggs, white rice, and a sprinkling of patis (Filipino version of nuoc mam).....oh and before Gypsy gives another "ewww gross" (LOL), considering Household 6 (who can be picky) actually likes the combination too, it can't be all that bad.

LOL...eww gro...oh I mean I'm totally with Surgicalcric on this one. Canned anything kinda gives me the creeps. :eek:

04-02-2004, 13:23
I just read that SPAM does not contain pig snouts or lips.
( I really did find that invaluable tidbit of news in a book !) Thought you would want to know.

04-02-2004, 15:19
I never did understand the revulsion people have to certain bits of animal. Yeah, some cuts taste better than others, but it's all just meat....

--Dan, has a cast-iron belly

04-07-2004, 14:33

Come celebrate the world’s largest SPAM event (the mysterious luncheon meat, not the contents of your email box) in Hawaii this April, with free room upgrades, low-cost packages, and pink meat galore! Pack your Mylanta and have a ball. By Matthew Link

Updated: 6:39 p.m. ET April 06, 2004SPAM. Just the word is enough to make some people nauseous. But in Hawaii, it’s one of the islands’ celebrated delicacies, and is proudly found in a number of local dishes. In fact, Hawaii is the number one consumer of the enigmatic canned meat in the U.S. Introduced in 1937 by Hormel Foods, more SPAM is consumed per capita in Hawaii than any other state in the U.S. More than 6.9 million cans of SPAM are consumed in Hawaii each year, making the Aloha State the unofficial SPAM capital of the U.S.

And now it’s your turn to dive head in! The second annual SPAM Jam returns to Waikiki on April 23 and 24. And the travel deals are as delicious as the soft, salty food product itself.

On Friday, April 23 from noon to 1 p.m., visitors in Waikiki will be invited to the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center to assist with the making, unveiling and, yes, eating of the world’s longest SPAM musubi to kickoff the second annual Waikiki SPAM Jam street festival. (Musubi is a bizarre yet tasty island treat made up of sticky rice, seaweed, and SPAM formed into a snack cake.) Organizers hope to break the record of 300 feet, which will take nearly 800 cups of rice, over 1,300 slices of SPAM, and almost 600 feet of nori (seaweed wrap). More than 1,200 individual servings of musubi are expected to come from the giant snack, all of which will be served free to those attending. An official application has been requested from the Guinness Book of Records to document and record this most historic occasion. And what would be a SPAM event without SPAMMY, the six-foot tall official SPAM mascot? Chase him down — he’ll be distributing free SPAM merchandise while supplies last.

Between tender mouthfuls, the public can try to guess the number of cans in the giant Wall of Spam nearby for a variety of exciting prizes. At 6 p.m, All Star Hawaii (at 2080 Kalakaua Blvd), will host a Spam Jam concert and comedy revue. Admission is free with a can of SPAM, which will be donated to the Hawaii Food Bank.

On Saturday, Apr 24, from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., the Waikiki SPAM Jam will fill Kalakaua Avenue in the heart of Waikiki with one of the largest street festivals in Hawaii. The islands’ most talented chefs will staff food booths serving unique SPAM menu items. Throughout the night, revelers will enjoy live entertainment on two stages, craft tents, and various hula performances all in honor of, you guessed it, the meat in the can. Don’t laugh! Last year, 30,000 people showed up for this grand two-day event.

And you can even win a trip back to the Mainland! SPAM lovers can enter to win a trip for two from Hawaii to Austin, Minnesota, home to the 16,000 square foot SPAM Museum, compliments of Hormel Foods and Times Supermarkets. Twelve two-night hotel stays in Waikiki will also be awarded. The promotion runs January 28 through April 20, 2004. During that time, visit any Times Supermarket on Oahu and complete an entry form, or simply present your Times "Royal" card at check out and your name will be entered automatically with each purchase of a can of SPAM.

Show a can, get an upgrade

And if SPAMMY slipped you a can at the festivities, plop it down on the desk of participating Waikiki hotels that are offering a SPAM Jam room upgrade free (subject to availability). Between Apr 18 to Apr 25, more than 20 Waikiki Hotels will be offering the SPAM Jam room upgrade, with Kama’aina rates starting at $59 per night (you have to have a Hawaii driver’s license for that rate), but most of these hotels have rooms starting at $100 for tourists anyway. You can get this upgrade with Aston Resort Quest Hawaii, Ohana Islander Waikiki, Ohana Waikiki Tower, Doubletree Alana Hotel, Ohana Maile Sky Court, Ohana Waikiki Village, Ilima Hotel, Ohana Reef Lanai, Ohana Waikiki West, Marriott Waikiki Beach Resort, Ohana Reef Towers, Waikiki Beachcomber, Outrigger Reef on the Beach, Ohana Royal Islander, Sheraton Moana, Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach, Ohana Waikiki Surf, Ohana East, and Ohana Waikiki Surf East. Don’t worry — the SPAM is not for the staff! All canned SPAM products and non-perishable food items will be donated to the Hawaii Food Bank.

Would you like flights with that SPAM room upgrade? If you book by Apr 21, SunTrips (800/786-8747, www.suntrips.com) is offering four nights in Waikiki with airfare from the Mainland and a rental car, staying at a choice of two-star hotels all within walking distance to the famous beach and including ones participating in the SPAM room upgrade program. Travel is good from April 22 to May 21 — the only catch is, the flights only leave from Oakland, CA and Denver.

Or if you want to plan further out, SunTrips has some Memorial Day two-night packages (May 28–30) starting at $459, with rental car and airfare from Oakland, CA (sorry, the only gateway for this special). Or expand it to three nights (May 27–30) for $529, four nights (May 28–Jun 1) for $569, and five nights (May 25–30) for $629. You’ll be staying at the snazzy Sheraton Princess Kaiulani, right on Waikiki Beach. If you already have a place to stay, the airfare price for the weekend is just $349 per person roundtrip.

Not to be outdone, SunTrip’s nemesis Pleasant Holidays (800/448-3333, www.pleasantholidays.com) is offering a four-night Waikiki stay for $533 (about $151 off). This deal (good for travel in all of 2004, but book by July 20) is at the upscale Waikiki Parc Hotel — a sister hotel of the famed Halekulani — and just steps from Waikiki Beach. Peacefully tucked away from all the hustle and bustle, it features comfortably appointed guestrooms with views of the ocean, mountains, or city. This deal is land-only, but unlike SunTrips, Pleasant can quote you reasonable airfare from a number of U.S. cities, and the price includes fresh flower lei greeting, roundtrip hotel/airport transfers in Waikiki, and hotel taxes.

So what are you waiting for? SPAMMY and his festival aren’t going to stick around forever, even though SPAM itself most certainly will …

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Roguish Lawyer
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NDD's ultimate vacation: