View Full Version : looking for a POC at 5/19 in watkins Colorado

05-22-2006, 16:01
Thank you in advance for any information,

I am looking for a POC at HQ/HDD 5/19 SFBN in Colorado. I am looking to learn more about the status of my enlistment package, and in-processing. If anyone can provied information about how to check on this, or the common timeline for prior-service NQP's (enlistment to in-processing) I would be greateful.

Once again thanks for the help.


05-22-2006, 17:49
Hey SS,

Have you checked with your recruiter? If not, check with him. If so, then check out the Colorado Nat'l Guard website and peruse at your leisure. To save time, the # is 720-250-2900. Eventually, you'll want to talk to the NCOIC of the Readiness Enhancement Company (that's where you'll go as a Non-Qual). Take care and good luck...


05-22-2006, 18:16
Thanks Mack,

I have already tried to get in contact with that number, as well as the number for a POC I got after going through MEPS. I will keep trying.

05-24-2006, 06:16
The REC NCOIC is probably not there right now. I believe he's got a short deployment going on right now. If you call the main number and talk to the Support Company Readiness NCO, you may get your questions answered. Your best bet is really just to get hold of your recruiter and talk to him.
Honestly when I was the NCOIC, we gave you a p.t. test, gave you a brief, had you do the epsq and that was it. You would go to one drill at STARC for the guard inprocessing and then the next drill you would belong to me. If this process doesn't seem right or it's been more than two months then you really, really need to talk to your recuiter. Hope this helps

05-24-2006, 19:37
Just finished with in processing at STARC. PM me and I will give you info.

05-25-2006, 16:00
Showed up to 5/19th for brief dressed in shirt, tie, and slacks...dressed to impress. The Capt. had a good laugh..."didn't anyone tell you we were doing PT today?". Got down and pushed anyway!! :lifter

05-27-2006, 05:38
I could have sworn I remember reading something about a p.t. test.. oh wait.

when I was the NCOIC, we gave you a p.t. test, gave you a brief, had you do the epsq and that was it.

I didn't think they were going to remove that part of the interview process.:)

By the way, that's the easiest thing you'll do in the REC before you go to selection. Have fun!

06-06-2006, 00:00
If any 5/19th REC's need to get out and ruck, send me a PM. I climb a lot and will do multi-day trips and guide some better 14er's for those looking for the higher altitude rush. Just finished Capitol Peak and will be on Culebra at end of June.

You can carry my gear for extra weight! :p