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04-19-2006, 20:16
I'm a dive qualified 18d who will be having reconstructive ACL surgery next week. There is a DMT slot I'm considering in Key West in mid July. That leaves me with about 3 months of rehab. Doc says I'm looking at 4-6 months until I'm completely back up and running at my old level. He says at 3 months jogging in a straight line should be no problem for the average recoveree. Due to deployment schedule, this would be the only course date available until next summer. Plus we are running a pre-scuba / strong swimmer course out here shortly after, where being DMT qualified is definitely a plus.

So here's the question for those of you who have been through DMT recently. How physical is the course? I understand there will most likely be a PT test... but I am curious as to the day to day physical activites / PT / swims that are required to graduate. Of course I'll have to dig up my contacts from Key West and ask from the Cadre side as well. I just wanted to get a feel from the student side to see if I should fight for this slot, or rather play it safe and let it slide until next year. I wish I could wait until I was closer to the timeframe and had a better grasp on my capabilities, but we know how school slots work around here. Thanks,

04-19-2006, 20:22
If there is any doubt, wait and let somebody else take the slot. If things are still the same as when I was in, you can always go later. There aren't that many of you and they always need DMTs. You don't want to take a slot and then have a problem and not be able to finish.

Just my .02 pesos at 2130 to the dollar.

I am not a DMT or Combat Diver - just a guy that went to a couple of schools.

04-19-2006, 20:34
In addition to smoker PT-there was also open water swims, SLAM training with the Coast Gaurd, and lots of fin work. I've been through the course, AND I've had the surgery...3 months just wouldn't be enough time.

I do wish youluck...good on ya for your level of motivation.:lifter


04-19-2006, 20:42
Doc P down at Key West knows his stuff, I'm going to try and call him up when the time zones allow it. I just found out about this slot this morning... and you know how we are about sitting around and healing. The Ortho Doc is using a Hamstring Tendon graft. I've read this heals quicker than the Patellar ligament / bone graft. Right now there are a whole lotta "if"s in the equation...I just have no idea what DMT school actually entails physically these days.

04-19-2006, 20:47
Eagle Sir,
Thanks for your reply. Thats what I was afraid of hearing. It makes sense though. This is my first major injury, and I'm trying to maintain a positive outlook for a swift recovery. In reality I have no idea what I'm going to go through. I was thinking I could shuffle my way through a pt test.. but finning is out of the question. My knees and ankles burned like hell when I was at 100% during cdqc. I'd feel like a Blue Falcon if I hurt myself there and then wasn't able to deploy with the team due to faulty rehab.

04-19-2006, 20:50
I'd feel like a Blue Falcon if I hurt myself there and then wasn't able to deploy with the team due to faulty rehab.
They grow up so fast...You have come far Pilgrim.

04-20-2006, 07:51
They grow up so fast...You have come far Pilgrim.

NDD - You are in great form this morning. First Nuke, now Sponge.

Sponge - Don't sweat the little stuff. DMTs are worth their weight in gold. As a dive qualified medic, you will always have the opportunity to attend (the usual distractors e.g. real world missions aside). Talk to the Doc at KW and take his advice - whatever it may be. I don't know Doc P, he's after my time but every MD in KW that I did know over the course of a 25 year SF diving career was suborned, co-opted or otherwise converted into an enthusiastic SF kind of guy. They would all bend over backwards to support anybody who worked to meet the standards. Good luck with your recovery. (And don't be the usual medic patient! :p ) FWIW - Peregrino

ETA - Unless USASOC has changed the dive reg you do not have to be a DMT to cover pre-SCUBA. There's nothing hyperbaric in/about it.