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04-16-2006, 12:46
Good afternoon. I have been doing my research on this site. I just read the thread on "try outs" and read that the 19th are accepting REP-63, but that it's only for non-prior service. I am separating from the Navy next year and am looking at the 20th in NC. Are they taking prior service? We are moving from the Va Bch area to either Charlotte or Wilmington. I have looked at the website on employers that are NG friendly. That site is a great resource. My wife will be finishing college at either place and I'll do what I have to so that we can get by. My main focus is just getting ready for training and getting in contact with a 20th recruiter. Is there one in NC, or should I call the one in Alabama that I have seen referenced to on this site. I just ordered the "How to Get Selected for SF". I do hope they are taking priors. I'll be 33 when I separate, so I know that being in the Navy and being older isn't the greatest thing to prepare me, but I'll do what it takes. Thank you so much for your time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


04-17-2006, 22:45

At B co we do not hold tryouts. We have a "SF Indoctrination Program" that drills seperate from the unit. We have plenty of prior sister service personnel (myself included). For recruiting information you can try SSG Bailey out in Roanoke Rapids or SSG Maxwell in Elizabeth City.